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Langidalur Valley – Thorsmork

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 63.6860549° N 19.5021758° W

Langidalur belongs to the Merkurrani Area, north of River Krossa at the eastern slopes of Mt Valahnukur (458m). This well vegatated valley has rather a wide opening, where the Iceland Touring Association built a house to accommodate its members and other travellers, and named it after one of its executive managers, Skagfjordsskali. Between the valleys Langidalur and Husadalur is a narrow ridge. From the centrally located Langidalur Valley lie numerous hiking trails in different directions.

The Bus Company Thule Travel, Sterna and Trex offers scheduled tours to Thorsmork during summer and has created a heaven for the visitors just outside the valley.

Nearby Langidalur Valley – Thorsmork