Grof Church Hofsos,

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This church belongs to the Hofsos benefice in the Skagafjordur deanery. It is situated a short distance to the south of the fishing hamlet Hofsos. During catholic times, a prayer chapel stood there until it was officially abolished by a royal decree in 1765. The house was reconstructed and used as an outhouse for decades.

In 1953, the bishop recons crated the prayer chapel, which had been renovated in its original form. Its old timers make it the oldest house of god in the country and it is in the care of the National Museum. One of the most beloved Rev. and poets of the country, Hallgrimur Petursson, was born at Grof in 1614. During the 17th and 18th centuries, the Grof estate was used as a retirement home for the widows of the bishops at Holar.

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