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The state architect, Rognvaldur Olafsson, designed the church.  It was built in the form of a cross with wood imported from Norway, and consecrated on June 2nd 1907.  The tower is 26 metres high.  The church’s design is different from other churches in Iceland, because it does not have the familiar pulpit.  The artist Freymodur Johannesson painted and decorated the church’s interior in 1924. 

Sveinn Thorarinsson, the artist from the farm Kilakot in the Kelduhverfi county, painted a depiction of Lazarus’ resurrection for the altar in 1930-31.  The organ was consecrated on November 8th 1964.  Sculptor Johann Bjornsson from Husavik carved the baptismal font and other wood carvings in the church.  The church was consecrated on the 2nd of June 1907 and the pipe organ was inaugurated on November 8th 1964.

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