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Fifty four people, who had worked as tourist guides for years, founded the Iceland Tourist Guides’ Association on June 6th, 1972.  Now, the membership is over 540.  The Association is open to all tourist guides, but the Professional Guild of the Association, founded in 2004, only accepts authorized and skilled people as members, and they  wear a special badge.  Among the Professional Guild's requirements for membership are: College graduation and graduation from The Iceland Tourist Guide Academy on a university level.  Various refresher courses, comprehensive first aid courses etc, are on offer regularly.  Relatively few of the members, who usually work freelance, are occupied with tourism the whole year round, but their number is increasing as the travel season expands by the year.  The ITGA serves to uphold the professionalism, salaries, education, good reputation, and rights of its members.  It is member of Nordic, European and international guide associations and federations.  In Iceland, the ITGA is member of the Iceland Environment Union.  The motto of the ITGA is:  “Respect for the land and affection for people.”

Contrary to affirmations of many sources, the majority of people working in the tourism sector accepts tips for work well done, and encourages our guests not to hesitate to show their appreciation, when they want to.

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