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Icelandic Saga Travel Guide
STRANDIR & Westfjords

Hrutafjordur to Gjogur

 Strandir more

Did you know?
Steingrimsfjordur is the largest bay of the district Strandasysla, about 28 km long and 7 km wide at the mouth.
Did you know? Island Grimsey on the Steingrimsfjordur Bay is the largest off the Strandir District’s coastline. 

Did you know? Trekyllisvik cove is framed with impressive and precipitous mountains and well-vegetated lowland areas.  It was named after a wooden vessel built there during the Age of Settlement

Did you know? Speni is a mound between the cove Kolbeinsvik and Skreflur.  It resembles a woman’s breast from the distance because of a tuft on its top. 

Holmavík  Isafjordur


The Northern Westfjords more

Did you know?
Isafjordur bay is about 12 miles (20 km) wide at the mouth and 37 miles (53 km) long. It branches to the north and south.

Did you know? Vigur is the second largest island of the Isafjordur Bay. It is about 2 km long and 400 m wide.

Did you know? Island Aedey is the largest of four islands on the biggest bay of the Westfiords. It is about 2,2 km long and 0,8 km wide.

Did you know? Isafjordur has a long history as a trading centre for the area around the Bay Isafjardardjup. 

Did you know? Oshlid is the almost precipitous mountain slope between the villages Hnifsdalur and Bolungarvik in the Westfiord Area.

Isafjordur to til Brjanslaek


The Southern Westfjords more

Did you know?
The ancient manor Nupur is situated on the northern shores of the Dyra Bay in the Westfiord Area.

Did you know?
The Dynjandisfoss is the greatest waterfall of the Northwest Peninsula, also called Fjallfoss.

Did you know? Hrafnseyri was named after one of the greatest men of the Saga Period (12th century), Hrafn Sveinbjarnarson.

Did you know? Hvalllatur the sheer cliffs of Latrabjarg are about 14 km long and the highest point rises 444 m above sea level. 

Did you know? Sjounda is a remote, abandoned farm in the easternmost part of the Raudisandur Area in rather uninviting surroundings

 Brjanslaekur to Krosfjardarnes


Barmar Reykhólasveit

Bardastrond more

Did you know? The area named Raudasandur derives its name from the reddish looking scallops’ beach.  Above it is a well-vegetated area framed with precipitous mountains teeming with birds.

Did you know?
The Vatnsfjordur bay is about 9 km long with the island Engey at its mouth.

Did you know? Skogar is an abandoned farm in the eastern slopes of Thorskafjordur Bay, at the foot of Mts Vadalfjoll.
Did you know? The ancient, Saga Age, local parliament site for the spring assemblies of the Westfiord Area at the end of the Thorskafjordur Bay, is called Kollabudir.

Did you know? Kroksfjardarnes is a peninsula between the bays Kroksfjordur and Gilsfkordur and an authorized trading post since 1895.



Dalasysla more

Did you know? The Crucifix Mounds are on road #590, just west of the crossing by Asgardur.  Aud, the settler of the area, had a few crucifixes erected on its top and went there for her prayers. 

Did you know? Farm Hvammur is a parsonage and a church site in Hvammur County of the Dalir District with annexed churches at Stadarholl, Skard, Stadarfell and Dagverdarnes.

Did you know? Eiriksstadir is an abandoned farmstead in the Haukadalur valley. According to the Eric Saga and the Greenlander Saga, Erik the red lived there. He was the father of Leif the lucky, who discovered North America in the year 1000.

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