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Kids Travel Guide
Icelandic Saga Travel Guide
East Iceland

Hornafjordur  to Djupavogur


Did you know? Farm Thvotta is the southernmost farm of the Alftafjordur County.  Around the year 1000 the renowned Saga personality Hallur Thorsteinsson, or Sidu-Hallur, lived there. 

Did you know? The farm Hamar is to the north of the Hamar Bay.  During Catholic times a prayer chapel was located there.  In the home meadows is one of many graves of prophetesses in the East.

Did you know? River Fossa discharges the Corpse River Lake.  Once a few men were fishing for char from a boat on the lake and then went to an islet, where the boat drifted away from them and they starved to death on the islet.

Did you know? Papey is the largest island off the east coast of Iceland, about 2 km² in area, and the only populated one until a few decades ago.

Breiddalsvík to  Reydarfjordur



Did you know? This central volcano, decorating the landscapes of the Breiddalur Valley and the vicinity of the Berufiord Bay,

Did you know? Teigarhorn is a farm in the Buland County, about 4 kilometres west of the fishing hamlet Djupivogur in the East.

Did you know? Helgustadir is a farm on the northern shores of the Reydarfiord Bay. During a period of about three centuries, the best Iceland spar mine was exploited in the mountains above it.

Did you know? Skrudur rises steeply out of the sea just east of the Faskrudsfiord Bay. Two flat and small islets are closer to land, The Duck Islet and The Eider Islet.

Did you know? Hafnarnes is an abandoned fishing hamlet on the southern shores of the Faskrudsfjordur Bay.


Eskifjordur to  Neskaupsstadur



Did you know? The Vidfjordur cove is the southernmost of the Nordfjordur Bay.  Farmhouses, which were abandoned in 1955, are still standing, maintained and used as a summer residence.

Did you know? This promontory, also called Horn, is the easternmost tip of the small Bardsnes Peninsula. It is the eastern outpost of the Nordfjordur Bay.

Did you know? The pass Oddskard lies 705 m above sea level between the bays Eskifiord and Nordfiord.  On both sides are valleys, Oddsdalur with a few rare species of plants on the northern side and Sellatradalur to the south. 

Egilsstağir to Mıvatn


Did you know? Skriduklaustur renowned, ancient manor was called Skrida up to the time when Bishop Stefan Jonsson of Skalholt established the last monastery of the country there in 1493. 

Did you know?
Eidar is a former manor and later a primary- and secondary boarding school for decades. Shortly before the turn of the last century the school buildings were taken over by the grammar school of Egilsstadir.

Did you know?
Hrafnkels valley is about 18 kilometres long before it splits into two valleys further south. It is situated to the south of the farm Bru in the Jokuldalur valley. It is reasonably flat and lies about 400 m above sea level.

Did you know? Bruardalur valleys are situated in the Bruaroraefi Interior of the North East. They were inhabited in the past and one of them, Laugarvalladalur, has thermal activity, a bathing pool, and a refuge hut.

Did you know? Farm Grimsstadir and farm Modrudalur are the highest lying farms of the country. 

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Kids Travel Guide

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