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Founded in 1993, The Akureyri Art Museum is the youngest art museum in Iceland and the only one of its kind outside the capital city of Reykjavik. The museum is located at Kaupvangstraeti12, close to the town centre  - today this street is better known as the Art Canyon. Ironically, the idea that Akureyri should have its own museum was suggested in a newspaper article in 1960 by politician Jonas Jonsson, who happened to be the most adamant opponent of modern art of his time. Three decades passed until the idea again came under serious discussion and finally became a reality on Akureyri's anniversary, August 29th.

The Akureyri Art Museum originally housed a cooperative dairy but the building is a fine example of the international Bauhaus-school of architecture. The Akureyri Art Museum is the unifying symbol of the Art Canyon, which also goes under the name of Grofargil.

The aim of the museum is to promote visual culture, to increase knowledge and the general appreciation of art, while maintaining an active relationship with the local schools. The museum prides itself on presenting a great range of exhibitions and regularly shows some of the most progressive artists in Iceland as well as internationally acknowledged artists from abroad

The museum is open evry day from 12:00-17:00 close Mondays
 461 2610 -
Fax 461 2969

Sources:  The website of the museum (2004).

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