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Former farm Litlibaer was abandoned in 1969.  In 1999, it was left in the care of the National Museum of Iceland, and the restoration started.  The sod house was originally built in 1894.  About 20 people lived there for a while, but after 1917 only one family stayed there.  The area of the farmhouse comprises 3,9 x 7,4 metres and the house was two storeys.  Two kitchens were built close to the dwelling.

Among many ruins within and outside the stone wall around the farm, is a round shelter for sheep.  It is considered much older than other constructions in the area.  The total area of the fenced area is about 3 hectares.  The visible construction work in the area rates among the best handicraft in the country.

The Folk Museum of the Vestfjords is responsible for a 20th century exhibition in the old farmhouse.  The occupants of the farm obviousely lived off the land and the sea.

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