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Stóru Akrar í SkagafirđiGovernor Skuli Magnusson spent a part of his working life as a magistrate of the Skagafjordur district.  He lived at Storu Akrar.  The farm was built during the years 1743-45, and still remaining are two houses comprising the main entrance and a living room.  They are connected by a bent corridor behind the houses.

The living room was used as a court and for important meetings and assemblies.  As a rule, living rooms did not face the pavement in front of the farm houses, but this one does.  It, however, does not have its private entrance as before.  Many of the wooden boards used for the construction of the present houses date a long way back to earlier houses.  The two houses have been in the care of the National Museum since 1954 and have undergone restoration and maintenance during the period.

The community centre Hedinsminni is located at Storu Akrar.  It was inaugurated in 1921 and used for social gatherings, meetings, from the beginning, and as a post, telephone and telegraph office and a school after 1954.

One of the country's well known poets, Bolu-Hjalmar lived at Minni Akrar for 27 years before he was driven away to the farm Grundargerdi nearby.

In earlier times, to the year 1930, the glacial river Heradsvotn were crossed in a ferry near the Akrar farms.

Akratorfa is a complex of farmhouses in the Blonduhlid county, at the foot of Mt Akrafjall (1147 m). 

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