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Rabbits imported as pets have become a part of the wild fauna of severaæ parts of the countryYou are likely to spot them on the hill Oskjuhlid in the capital or in the recreational area Heidmork.  They also live on the Home Island (Heimaey, Westman Islands), where they have occupied the burrows of the puffins and driven them away.  They seem to have multiplied during the warm period around the turn of the last century and their main food is grass.  During winter they also eat berries, roots, tree branches, and other plants.  The only obstacle for their expansion is the lack of food during hard winters, but cold weather is no obstacle. Rabbits reach the age of puberty at 2-4 months and the pregnancy lasts about 30 days on the average.  They multiply quickly and each time 2-12 young ones are born.  The does can conceive again immediately after delivery.

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