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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 66.4558° N 16.14787° W

Lake Arnarvatn has an area of 3,4 km². It is situated 2 m above sea level and its greatest depth is 4 m.

Road no. 85 passes along the northern shoreline. The lake abounds in lake char (1-3 pounders) and brown trout (1-4 pounders).

Fishing CardFishing hours: No restrictions.
Fishing season: The fishing season is between May 1st and September 30th.
Bait: All bait is allowed: fly, worm and lure.
Contact / Landlord:
Halldór Þórólfsson, Tel: (+354) 863-8468.

The distance from the capital is 644 km by the Whale Bay tunnel) and 10 from Raufarhofn.

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