Arnarvatnsheidi Moorlands

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.9586088° N 20.3288636° W

These moorlands cover a large part of the northwestern interior. The lakes there are considered to be innumerable, like the mounds in the valley Vatnsdalur and the islands of the Breidafjordur Bay. The moorlands are among the most beautiful and peaceful parts of the country and many visitors spend unforgettable days there camping and fishing.

Lake Char and Brown Trout are found in abundance in most of the lakes, some of which are only accessible on foot or by 4wd vehicles. Historically, they were fished year round and provided a valuable source of food during hard times, sometimes preventing total famine.

The bird life in this area is rich and interesting. Also, people regularly collected lichens for additional food here, especially when grain was scarce. This is also a place where outlaws and vagrants found shelter in the lava caves in times past.

Main Photo Credit: Visit North Iceland

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