Bardargata Route

About Bardargata

Bardargata is the name of a route from the Bardardalur Valley in the north through the pass Vonarskard and Fljotshverfi in the south. The first settler of Bardardalur,

Bardur Heyangurs-Bjarnason, lived a few years in the north and concluded, that the climate must be warmer and more favourable in the south because the southerly winds were warmer than the northerly ones. He sent his sons across the central highlands in the middle of winter to explore the south.

They came back with good news and two years later, he moved across the central highlands in winter with all his belongings. Every animal had to carry some of them. During winter all rivers and streams in the interior are frozen solid and do not present obstacles for the travellers and it must be assumed that the climatic conditions during the Age of Settlement were more favourable than nowadays. The journey went without incidents and the family resettled in the Fljotshverfi area and built a farm they named Gnupur.