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Region: Highland
Coordinates: 63.9830023° N 19.0691887° W

From Landmannalaugar, we drive to Hrauneyjar hydroelectrical power station where there is a hotel and a guesthouse as well as a highland travel service centre. Continuing along the shore of Iceland’s largest lake Þórisvatn, on the ancient Sprengisandur road, a much travelled path in former centuries. In Þjórsárver, by the glacier Hofsjökull, is the world’s largest breeding ground of pink-footed geese. An aprox. 30 min. stop is made in Nýidalur valley, beautiful hiking country at the foot of Tungnafellsjökull glacier. Sleeping bag accommodation is available in mountain huts. Onwards to civilisation in the Bárdardalur valley with a photostop at magnificent waterfall, Aldeyarfoss. Short stop at Fosshóll service centre, restaurant and guesthouse, located by spectacular waterfall Godafoss. We continue to Skútustaðir hamlet by Lake Mývatn before arrival in Reykjahlíð. Starting from Mývatn the highlights are in reversed order. Please note that provisions should be brought along for Sprengisandur.
Please note: Schedule according to road and weather conditions.

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