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Bus Schedule THULE: Reykjavik – Landmannalaugar – Reykjavik

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From Reykjavik through Vik, Skaftafell, Klaustur to the Clacier lagoon along... more

Bus Schedule THULE: Reykjavik – Thorsmork – Reykjavik

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Stora-Sandvik and Litla-Sandvik are located just south of Hafnaberg at... more

Bus schedule Reykjanes area

Bus Keflavik Airport Transport Bus Grindavik Bus Keflavik town area Bus... more

Bus schedule Westfjords


Bus Schedule West Iceland

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION Stræto operates all year round in the West... more

Bus Schedule From Reykjavik

BUS SCHEDULES FROM REYKJAVIK Reykjavik-Keflavik Airport... more

Map Budardalur area

Map Snaefellsnes - Map Borgarfjordur - Map... more


Ida Hvita Not a river in itself, but the confluence of rivers Stora Laxa and... more

Hiking Trails in Central Highlands

Hiking in Iceland in Highlands and interior The uninhabited region of... more


The mud pools and steam vents on the southwest part of Reykjanes close to... more

Bus Schedule in Iceland


Bus Schedule STERNA: Reykjavik – Thorsmork – Reykjavik

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Bus Schedule STERNA: Reykjavik – Landmannalaugar – Reykjavik

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Trex Hiking Bus Pass

The Laugavegur and Fimmvörðuháls hikes are two of the most popular hikes in... more

Laugavegur – Hike from Landmannalaugar or Thorsmork

About Laugavegur hike - The total hiking distance is close to 53 km and the... more

Bjarnareyjar Islands Breidafjordur

These islands are the southernmost of the so-called Western Islands of the... more


Farm Bergtorshvoll is a church site in the West Landeyjar County The churches... more


Litla-Hraun was an outlying farm from farm Hraun The prison was built on the... more


Kambar is the name of the steep slope, where road # 1 meanders down from... more


Moorland Hellisheidi is the lava area to the south of Mts Henglafjoll The... more


Farms Alvidra in the Olfus County and Ondverdarnes in the Grimsnes County were... more

TROLLATUNGA Steingrimsfjordur

According to the Book of Settlements, Steingrimur Trolli settled the... more

WITCHCRAFT and SCORCERY in Westfjords and Strandir

The witch hunt in Europe started around the year 1480 and continued to the turn... more


This cove is framed with impressive and precipitous mountains and... more


The abandoned farm Kuvikur is on the Reykjarfjordur Bay For a long time the... more

Mt KAMBUR Strandir

Walking distance 13-14 km Time 6-7 hours A relatively easy walk Mt Kambur is... more


The bay Ingolfsfjordur in the Strandir District is about 8 km long and 1½ km... more


The abandoned farm Skeljavik on a synonimous cove is situated a short distance... more

Mt KAMBUR Strandir

Walking distance 13-14 km Time 6-7 hours A relatively easy walk Mt Kambur is... more


The abandoned farm Kalfanes is situated just north of hamlet Holmavik and the... more


Mt Trollakirkja is a high and a prominent mountain on the Holtavorduheidi... more


This well vegetated and beautiful valley is a short distance to the west of the... more


This is the largest bay of the district Strandasysla, about 28 km long and 7 km... more


The abandoned farm Kaldbakur is on the Kaldbakur Cove  Both the Book of... more


Goddalur is an abandoned farm in a valley by the same name on the Southern... more


Fell is a farm on the end of bay Kollafjordur in the "Strandir" district The... more


This cove is one of the three inlets of the Ofeigsfjordur Bay The nearest one... more


Feykisholar is an abandoned farm in Valley Hvalsardalur in the Strandir... more


Eyjar is an abandoned farm and nowadays a summer residence at Balar in The... more


This cove is situated between the headlands Hruteyjarnes and Engjanes, just... more


The Drangaskord Pinnacles are among the most prominent landmarks of the... more

Island Grimsey on the Steingrimsfjordur Bay

Island Grimsey on the Steingrimsfjordur Bay is the largest off the Strandir... more

Baer Bordeyri

The first settler at Farm Baer was a woman by the name Arndis The Wealthy... more


The two farms, Small and Big Avik, are on Cove Trekyllisvik  Behind Mt... more


Farm Finnbogastadir is situated on the cove Trekyllisvik in the Strandir... more


THULE TRAVEL - HIKERS BUS Reykjavik - Landmannalaugar Tour Hella -... more


Book Your Highland Bus Tour Here All Bookings on NATIS are Direct from... more

Flight Schedules in Iceland



Leitahraun is the common name for several lava fields of different ages and... more


This lava cave, Raufarholsshellir, is within easy reach just east of the main... more


Bruarhlod is the narrow and shallow gorge of the Hvita River about two miles... more

Golf South Iceland

The Golf Courses in South Iceland The Icelanders have played the game since... more

Angling Kirkjubaejarklaustur

During your stay at Kirkjubaejarklaustur you should try angling in the rivers... more

Self drive from Egilsstadir


Self drive in the Skagafjordur District


Self Drive From Akureyri


Klebergslaug Swimming Pool

Opening hours Mon–Fri 06:30 – 21:00 Sat-Sun 08:00-18:00 (Summer 08:00 -... more

Lagafellslaug Swimming Pool

Opening hours Mon–Fri 06:30 – 21:30 Sat-Sun 08:00-19:00 Contact... more

Seltjarnarnes Swimming Pool

This swimming pool is unusual as the water is a blend of warm geothermal water... more

Varmarlaug Swimming Pool

Vesturbæjarlaug is a small and friendly neighborhood pool, located within... more

Vesturbaejarlaug Swimming Pool

Vesturbæjarlaug is a small and friendly neighborhood pool, located within... more

Sundhöllin Swimming Pool

Sundhöllin is the oldest public pool in Iceland, it was opened in 1937 The... more

Breidholtslaug Swimming Pool

The facilities offer 25m and 12m outdoor pools, a 12m indoor pool, a wading... more

Laugardalslaug Swimming Pool

Laugardalslaug is the city’s largest pool with extensive facilities, located... more

Salalaug Swimming Pool

The main pool is 25x15m and a smaller indoor pool is shallow and warm - perfect... more

Kopavogur Swimming Pool

Sundlaug Kopavogs located in the west side of Kopavogur is one of the largest... more

Asvallalaug Swimming Pool

One of the largest swimming pool facilities in Iceland (6000m2)  Offers 50m... more

Alftanes Swimming Pool

The Alftanes Swimming pool offers a 24m outdoor pool and 12x8m  indoor pool in... more


Kaldidalur (The Cold Valley) or Route F-550 is the shortest of the three main... more

South Shore Circle

Itinerary Suggestion Drive over a part of the highland plateau Hellisheidi to... more

Reykjanes-Blue Lagoon-Grindavik

Itinerary Suggestion Drive Reykjanes-Blue... more



Self drive from Reykjavik


Gullfoss-Geysir (The Golden Circle) – In One or Two Days.

CAR RENTAL STOP OVER Gullfoss-Geysir ( The Golden Circle) one or two... more

West Iceland in 3 Days

CAR RENTAL STOP OVER Individual Holidays This itinerary suggestion for a 3... more

Westfiords using Ferry Baldur in 4 days

CAR RENTAL STOP OVER This the route takes you from the Capital area through... more

Around Westfjords in 4 Days

CAR RENTAL STOP OVER Personalized Holiday This itinerary of a self escorted... more

South Iceland in 3-4 Days

SOUTHERN ICELAND Self drive from Reykjavik Suggestion for The South in 1 to 4... more

Hafnarfjordur Swimming pool

This is the oldest Swimming pool in Hafnarfjordur and was opened in 1943 The... more

Sudurbaejarlaug Swimming Pool

Sudurbaearlaug is a public swimming pool in Hafnarfjordur The facilities offer... more

Vogar Swimming Pool

The Vogar public swimming pool opened in 1994  The facilities offer a 16 x 8 m... more

Is Iceland to Cold to Grow Forests?

Among the first things that visitors to Iceland usually notice are that it is... more

Gardur Swimming Pool

The Gardur public swimming pool is a part of a public sports center and offers... more

Skuggi Hotel

Skuggi Hotel is the perfect choice if you are looking for centrally located... more

Grindavik Swimming Pool

The Grindavik public swimming pool opened in 1994  The facilities offer a 25 x... more

Sandgerdi Swimming Pool

This public swimming pool is located at sport centre in Town of Sandgerdi on... more

Hotel Borg

Dignified and imposing, Hotel Borg overlooks the beautiful square of... more

Centerhotel Klopp

CenterHotel Klopp is right in the city center of Reykjavik, ideally located to... more

Centerhotel Plaza

At hotel Plaza you will find 200 bright and comfortable rooms and a spacious... more

Centerhotel Midgardur

Midgardur is the newest member of the CenterHotels family It is ideally located... more

Centerhotel Thingholt

CenterHotel Thingholt offers 52 beautifully decorated rooms, a restaurant, SPA,... more

Centerhotel Skjaldbreidur

CenterHotel Skjaldbreid is located on Laugavegur, one of the oldest shopping... more

Centerhotel Arnarhvoll

CenterHotel Arnarhvoll is located by the shore opposite the Harpa Reykjavik... more

Guesthouse Gardur

Guesthouse Gardur is a family-run 6 apartments guesthouses, located on... more

Hotel Vogar

Contact information Stapavegur 7, 190 Vogar +354 866... more

Borg Guesthouse

Guesthouse Borg is in the center of Grindavik on the coner of Vikurbraut and... more

Geo Hotel Grindavik

Geo Hotel is a new hotel in Grindavík village about 20 km from the Keflavik... more

Alex Guesthouse

Contact information Aðalgata 60, 230 Keflavík Phone: +354 421 2800 E-mail:... more

Hotel Keilir

The hotel’s location on the main street, Hafnargata, provides easy access to... more

Guesthouse Keflavik

If managing your budget while traveling is important, Guesthouse Keflavik... more

Hotel Keflavik

Hotel Keflavik is positioned on the doorstep of Reykjanes' Peninsula... more

Icelandic Forest Research HQ

At Mógilsá, 21 km from Reykjavík Centre Around the research station you... more

Vatnshorn native birchwoods

(30 km SE of Borgarnes, partly difficult road) The tallest growing natural... more

Tumastaðir Forest

(9 km E of Hvolsvöllur, road 261) Varied forest with open areas and easy... more

Thorsmork Native Birchwoods

Spectacular nature reserve with varied landscapes and expanding birchwoods The... more

Thjorsardalur Forest

Ideal forest area for outdoor activities and recreation A variety of forest... more

Historical Pine Grove at Thingvellir

At the UNESCO Heritage Site Þingvellir you will find the historical pine... more

Kirkjubaejarklaustur Grove

The forest at Kirkjubaejarklaustur was planted by the families at... more

Mulakot Arboretum

In Mulakot you will find a nice arboretum with rare species Spectacular scenery... more

Laugarvatn Forest

Considerable forest area, nice mixture of birch shrubs and planted tree... more

Haukadalur Forest

Interesting recreation forest with marked hiking trails and a path specially... more

Nesjavellir Geothermal Power Plant

Exploration and Planning started already in 1947 and was continued for two... more

Kerid Slag Crater

The slag crater Kerid is the northernmost one of the crater row called... more

Svartsengi Geothermal Power Plant

The plant is located on one of the major high temperature areas of the... more

Strokkur Geyser

Strokkur geyser is the most active sprouting hot spring in the Haukadalur... more

Car Rental Travel Planner

THE REAL ICELANDIC HOLIDAYS Build your ideal package and save No... more

Around Iceland in 6 to 10 Days

SELF PLANNING HOLIDAYS Around Iceland in 6 to 10 Days is the full circle tour... more

HEY ICELAND – Icelandic Farm Holidays

Hey Iceland (The Icelandic Farm Holidays) offers a wide range of self-drive... more


PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION This Route is serviced by... more


PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION This Route is not available by public... more


PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION This Route is serviced by... more


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Bus Schedule

Public transportation straetois BUS SCHEDULE TO AKUREYRI BUS SCHEDULE... more

Alftavatn Restaurant – Volcano Huts

The Volcano Huts have now opened a restaurant by the Alftavatn lake on the... more

Bus Schedule STERNA: Hofn – Reykjavik

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Fjallabak Sydra – Middle Route

This route lies from the west to east just north of the Myrdal's glacier in the... more

Thorsmork Mountain Huts

Accommodation in Mountain Huts during your stay in Thorsmork are available by... more

Cove Adalvik

This short but wide cove faces the open seas just north of The Isafjordur Bay... more

Camping Site Leirubakki

Leirubakki has an excellent campsite with perfect sanitary facilities and a... more

Arhus Camping – Hella

Arhus is located on road 1 the ring road 100 km east of Reykjavik Arhus is in... more

Holaskogur Mountain Hut

Hólaskógur is a cozy cabin hostel in south Iceland, approximately 130km from... more

Alfaskeid Camping

The camp site at Alfaskeid is located in a beautiful valley some 10 kilometers... more


Jorfi is a well known farm in Valley Haukadalur, where popular annual... more

Haukadalur West Iceland

Valley Haukadalur is rather wide and well vegetated It contains a trout lake... more

Gilsfjordur Ogres

Once there were three night ogres, who intended to cut the Westjords from the... more

Austurdalur Valley

Valley Austurdalur in the Skagafjordur District is almost 50 km long Its... more

Asbjarnarvotn Lakes

These lakes are within the District Skagafjordur They are situated a short... more


Gilsfjordur Bay branches towards east from the large Breidafiord Bay and its... more


Eiriksstadir is an abandoned farmstead in the Haukadalur valley According to... more

Farm Breidabolstadur

Farm Breidabolstadur is a church site, a former parsonage, and the residence of... more


The Crucifix Mounds are on road #590, just west of the crossing by Asgardur... more

Fludir Camping Ground

  Camping at Fludir The Camping site is located at the river banks of... more

Hiking in Skaftafell National Park

Skaftafell offers a range of hiking possibilities for experienced hikers as... more


All Bookings on NATIS are Direct from Suppliers Please note that unless a... more


Tröllshylur at Grenlækur River , south of Landbrot, was once the course of... more

Skaftaros – Skafta River

A general store was built at Skafárós in 1920 while the transportation of... more

Hverfisfljot River

Hverfisfljót is one of the largest glacial rivers in the area and it... more

Djupa River

The Djúpá River in the Fljótshverfi District originates in Síðujökull... more


All Bookings on NATIS are Direct from Suppliers No intermediaries - No Booking... more

Fjardargljufur Canyon

The Fjadrargljufur Canyon is one of the most beautiful and lovely canyons of... more

Hiking Around Reykjavik

The number of hiking trails in Iceland is much greater than covered by this... more

Burfell Trail

This symmetrical slag crater is located near Mt Helgafell, about 7,5 km from... more

Hiking Trails Around Mt. Hengill

Hiking Trails in Mt Hengill... more

Bus Schedule Reykjavik Excursions: THORSMORK-SELJALANDSFOSS-SKOGAR



Reykjavik Excursions Bus Schedule BUY TICKETS ONLINE NOW! Direct from... more


Reykjavik Excursions Bus Schedule BUY TICKETS ONLINE NOW! Direct from... more


Reykjavik Excursions Bus Schedule BUY TICKETS ONLINE NOW! Direct from... more

Old Prison Reykjavik

The old prison, on street Skolavordustigur, was built in 1874 Originally it... more

Open Air Museum Arbaer

This museum is a part of the Municipal History Museum Its main function is to... more

Nautholsvik Thermal Beach

Farm Nautholl was built in 1850 and was burned in 1900 in the wake of the... more


Farm Mogilsa is situated at the end of Cove Kollafjordur In the early 20th... more

Laugardalur Valley

In 1871 the artist, Sigurdur Guðmundsson, introduced the idea of creating a... more


According to the Kjalnesinga Saga the first settler in the area, Korpulfur,... more

Hofdi House

The origin of the Hofdi house is traced back to the times, when French... more

Heidmork Recreational Area

Heidmork was proclaimed a municipal conservation area in 1950 and derives its... more

Harpa Concert Hall

Harpa is one of Reykjavik‘s greatest and distinguished landmarks It is a... more


Nowadays the point Gufunes is a part of the most populous quarter of Reykjavik,... more

Family and Domestic Animal Garden

Young people of all ages enjoy life in the Family Garden It is well equipped... more

Culture House

The building was constructed from 1906 to 1908 and opened to the public in 1909... more

Reykjavik City Hall

REYKJAVIK TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE The idea of a city hall in Reykjavik is... more

The Cabinet House

The so-called Cabinet House (Stjornarrad) has carried a few names since it was... more

Reykjavik Botanical Gardens

Reykjavik Botanic Garden is an outdoor collection of living plants Its main... more

Mts Blafjoll

The Blue Mountain range stretches to the west from Mt Vifilsfell near the main... more


PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION This Route is serviced by... more


Those sea eroded basaltic columns just south of road no 1 are well worth a... more

Hruni Church Farm

Hruni is a farm, a church site, and a parsonage in the Hrunamanna County The... more

Bus Schedule Reykjavik Excursions: HOFN – SKAFTAFELL – REYKJAVIK

Reykjavik Excursions Bus Schedule BUY TICKETS ONLINE NOW! Direct from... more

Selfoss Church

This church is in the Selfoss benefice in the Arnes deanery It was built in the... more

Hruni Church

This church belongs to the Hruni benefice in the Arnes deanery It was built of... more

Thingvellir Church

According to documented sources, a church was built at Thingvellir shortly... more

Ulfljotsvatn Church

This church belongs to the Mosfell benefice of the Arnes deanery It was built... more

Mosfell Church

The Mosfell Church belongs to the Mosfell benefice in the Arnes deanery The... more

Uthlid Church

During catholic times, Uthlid's churches were dedicated to Holy Mary, and were... more

Haukadalur Church

This church belongs to the Skalholt benefice of the Arnes deanery The Catholic... more

Hof Church Oraefi County

Hof is a cluster of farms in the Oraefi County During catholic times, the... more

Hofn Church

The Lutheran church in the fishing village Hofn was built during the period... more

Papey Church

A wooden church, built in 1904 on the foundation of an older one Declared... more

Hof Church Alftafjordur

Hof is a farm and a former church site on the Alftafjordur Bay The Catholic... more


Heydalir is a church site and a parsonage in the Breiddalur Valley It was... more

Bakkagerdi Church

This church belongs to the Desjamyri benefice in the Muli deanery The church... more

  Bus Schedule Not... more

Modrudalur Church

This church belongs to the Valthjofsstadur benefice in the Mula deanery It was... more

Geirsstadir Church

Archaeological excavations at farm Geirsstadir in county Hroarstunga in 1997... more

As Church – Fell County

As is a former parsonage and a church site in the Fell County in Eastern... more

Hof Church

This church belongs to the Hoskuldsstadir benefice in the Hunavatn deanery Hof... more

Thingeyra Church

This church belongs to the Thingeyrar benefice in the Hunavatn deanery The... more


Farm Breidabolstadur is a church site and a parsonage in County Vesturhop... more

Audkula Church

This church belongs to the Bolstadarhlid benefice in the Hunavatn deanery... more

Vidimyri Church

The church at Vidimyri (Skagafjordur) is considered to be "The purest example... more

Bus Schedule Reykjavik Excursions: Reykjavik-Thingvellir-Geysir-Gullfoss

Reykjavik Excursions Bus Schedule BUY TICKETS ONLINE NOW! Direct from... more

Bus Schedule Reykjavik Excursions: Reykjavik-Thingvellir-Geysir-Gullfoss

Þingvellir is Iceland's national shrine, where Europe's eldest national... more

Bus Schedule: REYKJAVIK-Hella-Hvolsvollur-Skogar-Vik-SKAFTAFELL

Direct from Supplier - No Additional Fees Take advantage of great savings... more


BUY TICKETS ONLINE NOW! Direct from Supplier - No Additional Fees Please note... more


Reykjavik Excursions Bus Schedule BUY TICKETS ONLINE NOW! Direct from... more


Reykjavik Excursions Bus Schedule Bus schedule not available now!! Direct... more

Nupsstadur Forest

  The Nupsstadur Forest is in the eastern slopes of Mt Eystrafjall, to... more


Reykjavik Excursions Bus Schedule BUY TICKETS ONLINE NOW! Direct from... more


Reykjavik Excursions Bus Schedule BUY TICKETS ONLINE NOW! Direct from... more


BUY TICKETS ONLINE NOW! Direct from Supplier - No Additional Fees The route... more


BUY TICKETS ONLINE NOW! Direct from Supplier - No Additional... more

Holar Cathedral

The cathedral belongs to the Holar benefice in the Skagafjord deanery After the... more


The long abandoned farm Haugsnes in Blonduhlid is a historical site on the... more

Grof Church Skagafjordur

This former manor is situated just south of the village Hofsos The prayer... more


Ljosavatn is a lake, farm and a church site in Pass Ljosavatnsskard near the... more

Husavik Church

The state architect, Rognvaldur Olafsson, designed the church It was built in... more

Grund Church

This church belongs to the Laugaland benefice of the Eyjafiord deanery Grund... more

Akureyri Church

The Akureyri church was designed by architect Gudjon Samuelsson and consecrated... more

Saurbaer Church in Eyjafjordur

This church belongs to the Laugaland benefice of the Eyjafiord deanery Saurbaer... more

Modruvellir Church

This church belongs to the Laugaland benefice of the Eyjafiord deanery It is... more

Kaupangur Church

This church belongs to the Laugarland benefice of the Eyjafiord deanery and is... more

Kaldrananes Church

This church belongs to the Holmavik benefice in the Hunavatn deanery on the... more

Holmavik Church

The Holmavik church belongs to the Holmavik benefice in the Hunavatn deanery... more

Arnes Churches

Those churches belong to the Arnes benefice in the Hunavatn deanery Arnes is a... more

Prestbakki Church

This church belongs to the Prestbakki benefice in the Huna deanery This estate... more

Vatnsfjordur Church

This church belongs to the Vatnsfjordur benefice in the Isafiord deanery Farm... more

Unadsdalur Church

This church belongs to the Vatnsfiord benefice in the Isafiord deanery... more

Nupur Church

The ancient manor Nupur is situated on the northern shores of the Dyra Bay in... more

Holt Church

The Holt Church belongs to the Holt benefice in the Isafiord deanery Holt is an... more

Raudasandur Church

The area named Raudasandur derives its name from the reddish looking... more

Selardalur Church

This church belongs to the Bildudalur benefice in the Bardastrond deanery... more

Hrafnseyri Church

This church belongs to the Thingeyri benefice in the Isafiord deanery During... more

Breidavik Church

The Breidavik church belongs to the Patrek’s benefice in the Bardastrond... more

Hjardarholt Church

Hjardarholt is a farm and was a parsonage until the 20th century in the Laxa... more

Hvammur Church

Farm Hvammur is a parsonage and a church site in Hvammur County of the Dalir... more

Stykkisholmur Church

This church belongs to the Stykkisholmur benefice in the Snaefell- and Dalir... more

Flatey Church

This church belongs to the Reykholar benefice in the Bardastrond Deanery A... more

Bjarnarhofn Church

This church belongs to the Stykkisholmur benefice in the Snaefellsnes- and... more

Reykholt Church

A church was built in Reykholt in the early years of Christianity in Iceland... more

Hvanneyri Church

This church belongs to the Hvanneyri benefice in the Borgarfiord deanery During... more

Hallgrims Church

This church belongs to the Saurbaer benefice in the Borgarfiord deanery It was... more

Krysuvik Church

This church belongs to the Hafnarfiord benefice in the Kjalarnes deanery It was... more


Kalfatjorn is a former farm, parsonage and church site in the Vatnsleysa County... more

Hvalsnes Church

This church was built with basaltic lava stones in 1886-87 and consecrated on... more

Bessastadir Church

This church belongs to the Gardar benefice in the Kjalarnes deanery The Book of... more

Hallgrimskirkja Church

The church of Hallgrimur is the crown on Iceland's capital with its magnificent... more

Catholic Church

Christ the King Cathedral The church was consecrated 23 July, 1929 by Pope... more

Lutheran Cathedral

Domkirkjan - Reykjavik Lutheran Cathedral Around the turn of the 18th century... more


Experience The Fimmvorduhals Hike in One or Two Days This could be the idea... more


The network of scheduled buses in Iceland offers various, interesting... more

Bus Schedule TREX: Thorsmork – Reykjavik

Trex Bus Schedule BUY TICKETS ONLINE NOW! Direct from Supplier - No... more

Bus Schedule TREX: Reykjavik-Thorsmork

Trex Bus Schedule BUY TICKETS ONLINE NOW!  Limited seats available Direct... more


BUY TICKETS ONLINE NOW! Direct from Supplier - No Additional Fees Please note... more

Bus Schedule Reykjavik Excursions: Thorsmork – Reykjavik

Reykjavik Excursions Bus Schedule BUY TICKETS ONLINE NOW! Direct from... more

Bus Schedule Reykjavik Excursions: Reykjavik-Thorsmork

Reykjavik Excursions Bus Schedule BUY TICKETS ONLINE NOW! Direct from... more


Reykjavik - Thorsmork - Bus Schedule BUY TICKETS ONLINE NOW! Direct from... more

Lava Beach ATV Tour & Blue Lagoon

Before the ATV tour starts, you will be picked up at your accommodation in... more

Panorama ATV Tour & Blue Lagoon

Before the ATV tour starts, you will be picked up at your accommodation in... more


Klifbrekkufossar is a magnificent tiers of waterfalls in MjóifjörðurWhile... more


Gufufoss is a moderately sized waterfall found just outside of the city of... more


The scenic Fardagafoss waterfall is situated close to the main road to... more


River Hengifossa discharges Lake Hengifossarvatn on the Fljotsdalsheidi... more


Morsárfoss is a waterfall in Iceland Measurements showed that one of them was... more

Oxara Thingvellir National Park

The main source of the Axe River is in the shallow valley between Mt Burfell... more


Ófærufoss is a waterfall situated in the Eldgjá chasm in central... more


The Gljufursarfoss waterfall is in the eastern part of Iceland, with the... more

Foss a Sidu

Foss a Sídu is a spectacular farm mound approx 10 km east of... more


This beautiful natural phenomenum and oasis at the edge of the central... more

Dynjandi Waterfall

The Dynjandisfoss is the greatest waterfall of the Northwest Peninsula, also... more


Hjalparfoss is a beautiful, two stepped waterfall near the confluence of Rivers... more

Camping in Akureyri

The camping site in Akureyri is located centrally in the town, close by the... more

Hamrar Camping

Hamrar is a peaceful campground by the forest kjarnaskógur, at the southern... more


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Bus Connections from Akureyri

Take advantage of great savings and use our Bus Stop Over planner For those who... more

Hofdabrekku Joka – Ghost Story

Once there lived a woman at Hofdabrekka by the name of Jorunn According to most... more

Highland Routes

During summer you can drive across the interior of Iceland, the Kjolur route,... more


The total area of this small glacier is about 19 km² It is located just north... more

Bridge Between Two Continents

According to the continental drift theory, the Eurasian and North American... more


Other bus schedule connections are available, such as the Kjolur Interior, the... more

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Heidaras Cottages

Contact Information Heiðarás 801... more

Bus Schedule TREX: Landmannalaugar – Reykjavik

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Birkikinn Holiday Home

Contact Information Birkikinn 801... more

Sacred Seed

Contact Information Eyrarbraut 11 801 Selfoss 778-9052,... more

Galtalaekur 2

Contact Information Galtalækur 2 851 Hella 861-6528,... more

Jadar II

Contact Information Jaðar 2 845... more


Contact Information Árbakki 47 851 Hella 562-0032,... more

North Star Cottage

Contact Information Lambafell 861... more

Waterfowl Hunters of Iceland

Contact Information Syðri-Steinsmýri 880... more


Contact Information Strýta 816 Ölfus 892-0344,... more


Contact Information Nefsholt 851 Hella 487-6514,... more

Oldubyggd 13

Contact Information Öldubyggð 13 801... more


Contact Information Öræfi 785... more


Contact Information Þjóðólfshagi 6 851 Hella 894-0835,... more


Contact Information Barkarstaðakot 861... more


Contact Information Klettholt 801 Selfoss 892-1340,... more


Contact Information V- Eyjafjöllum 861 Hvolsvöllur 487-8989,... more


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Alftavatn 1a

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Reynivellir II

Contact Information Reynivellir 2 781 Höfn í Hornafirði 846-0641,... more


Contact Information Brimstaðir 801... more


Contact Information Miðhús 1 801... more


Contact Information Austurbyggð 3 801... more

South Central

Contact Information Blesastaðir 3 801 Selfoss 663-4666,... more

Blue View Cabins

Contact Information Eiríksbraut 4 801 Selfoss 665-8928,... more

Mosas 3 Cottages

Contact Information Holtabyggð 110 845... more

Minniborgir Cottages

Contact Information Grímsnes 801 Selfoss 486-1500,... more

Helludalur 2

Contact Information Helludalur 2 801... more

Arabær Holiday home

Contact Information Arabær, Háfur 801 Selfoss 487-5818,... more

Unastadir Cottage

Contact Information Unastaðir í landi Reynifells lóð F-2 851... more

Eldhraun Holiday Home

Contact Information Syðri-Steinsmýri 880... more

Marta House

Contact Information Jaðar 800 Selfoss 898-9117,... more


Contact Information Álftavík 801... more

Stafafell Travel Service

Contact Information Lón 781 Höfn í... more

Guesthouse Gordum

Contact Information Garðar 871 Vík 487-1260,... more


Contact Information Fossnes 801 Selfoss 486-6079,... more

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Bus Schedule Reykjavik Excursions: Reykjavik-Landmannalaugar-Reykjavik

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Fishing Lodge at Eystri Ranga

Contact Information Eystri Rangá 861 Hvolsvöllur 531-6100,... more

Uxahryggur – Cottage

Contact Information Uxahryggur 851... more


Contact Information Hrafnagil 816... more

Vestri Petursey II

Contact Information Mýrdal 871 Vík 487-1307, 893-9907,... more

Trophy Lodge

Contact Information Vörðuás 9 801... more


Contact Information Vonarland 825... more

Hotel Fljotshlid

Contact Information Telephone: +354 487 1416 Fax: +354 487... more


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Forsaeti 3

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Camping in Sandgerdi

The campsite has all necessities that a traveler needs, the service house has... more

Camping in Grenivik

The camp site at Grenivík was all renewed in 2011 and there is now a new... more

Camping at Selfoss

Guesthus Selfoss Camping Camping and Bungalows in the center of Selfoss... more

Reykjavik Excursion Bus to Landmannalaugar

Rambling lava fields, mountain lakes & soothing hot... more

Almenningar – Laugavegur Hiking Trail

About Almenningar Almenningar (plural) are an almost barren and eroded summer... more

Askja – Herdubreid – Herdubreidalindir Highland Route

About Askja - Herdubreid - Herdubreidalindir Highland Route PLEASE NOTE: 4X4... more

Videy Island

About Videy Videy is the largest island of the Kollafjord Bay (1,7 km²) with... more

Lundey (Puffin Island)

About Puffin Island Island Lundey, The Puffin Islands, is a small island a few... more

Kollafjordur Bay

About Kollafjordur Bay This bay is a branch of the largest bay of the country,... more

Grotta Island

Island Grotta is the the point of the Seltjorn Peninsula of which the capital... more

Geldinganes Headland

Geldinganes is a loosely connected headland to the north and northeast of the... more

Engey Island

Engey is the second largest island on the Kolla Bay Its name is most likely... more

Akurey Island

Akurey is the largest puffin colony in Kollafjordur fjord The islannd er... more

The Islands of Reykjavik

About the Islands of Reykjavik Less than 1 km distance from the shore of... more

Eldey Island

About Eldey Island Eldey (The Fire Island) is a 77 m high, sheer rock, with an... more

Ellidaey Island

About Ellidaey Island This is the third largest of the Westman Islands It is... more

Bjarnarey Island

About Bjarnarey Island This is the fourth largest of the Westman Islands It is... more

Bjarnarey Island

About Bjarnarey Bjarnarey (Bear Island) is situated off the headland Kollumuli... more

Drangey Island

About Drangey Island The island Drangey is a cliff, approximately 7 hundreds... more

Aedey Island

About Aedey Island This is the largest of four islands on the biggest bay of... more

Breidafjordur Islands

About The Breidafjordur Islands This bay is the second largest one of the... more

Vadstakksey Island

About Vadstakksey Island Island Vadstakksey is rather large and high (27m) and... more

Oddbjarnarsker Island

About Island Oddbjarnarsker This westernmost islet of the Breidafiord Bay is... more

Melrakkaey Island

About Melrakkaey Island his small island is situated at the mouth of the... more

Laugafell Highland Route

The mountains Laugafell and Laugafellshnjukur (892 and 987 m) are situated... more

Kjolur Bus Schedules

About Kjolur Bus Schedule Operator: SBA-Nordurleid Tour Description The... more

The Myth of Holy Grail on Kjolur Route?

In 2004, a team of Italian researchers began an excavation in Iceland searching... more

Holar Church

This church belongs to the Laugaland benefice of the Eyjafiord deanery Catholic... more

Urdarhals Hill.

About Urdarhals This hill is the remainder of a glacier scraped dolomite... more

Hofsos Pakkhus (Old Warehouse)

About The Hofsos Pakkhus The Warehouse (Pakkhusid) at Hofsos is one of the... more

Map of Kaldidalur Route

The Cold Valley is the shortest of the three main roads across the central... more

Map of Kjolur Route

About The Kjolur Highland Route (Road F-35) Remember! Off road driving is... more

Hofsjokull East Glacier

Glacier Hofsjokull East (1069m) is located east of Glacier Vatnajokull, between... more

Lonsa Camping

The Lónsá campsite was opened in August 2015, and is located north of... more

Husabakki Camping

Husabakki is located in Svarfaðardalur 5 km from the town of Dalvík and... more

Heidarbaer Camping

The campsite at Heiðarbær is located between the town of Húsavik and Lake... more

Fjalladyrd Camping

The Fjalladýrð tourist service in Möðrudalur valley is located mid-way... more

Camping in Thingeyri

Þingeyri is a small town with a great history The inhabitants of Þingeyri... more

Varmaland Camping

The Varmaland camping site is situated at the outskirts of the municipality of... more

Hafragilsfoss Waterfall

About Hafragilsfoss Hafragilsfoss (27m) is one of the three waterfalls of... more

Highland Information Centers

Before setting off on the Interior routes, check the road conditions and... more

Hotel Selfoss

About Hotel Selfoss Hótel Selfoss A stone´s throw from Reykjavik and a... more

Vatnajokull National Park

Vatnajokull National Park is Europe's larges National Park after merging of... more

Hop On – Hop Off City Sightseeing

Explore Reykjavík Take a bus tour with City Sightseeing and explore... more

The Golden Circle & Fontana Wellness

Experience the beauty and wellness of Iceland This amazing day tour takes you... more

Gullfoss, Geysir & Langjökull Snowmobiling

Feel the freedom on top of a glacier This tour combines the widely popular... more

Reykjavík – Blue Lagoon including admission

One of the wonders of the world Spoil yourself by bathing in the famous Blue... more

The Golden Circle Tour

Iceland's most stunning sights The Golden Circle tour allows you to visit some... more


About Laugarbakki Laugarbakki is a hamlet situated in a geothermal area on the... more


About Breiddalsvik Valley Breiddalur is the largest lowland area of the... more

Gullfoss Waterfalls

The Golden Waterfalls (Gullfoss) are situated in the upper part of River Hvita... more

Ingjaldsholl Church

This former parsonage and estate, outside the boundaries of the NP, was the... more

Londrangar Cliffs

About Londrangar and Thufubjarg Londrangar are two prominent rocks, protruding... more

Mt. Brennisteinsalda

The Brennisteinsalda is a volcano in the south of Iceland Its height is about... more

Gigjokull Glacier

About Gigjokull As one of Eyjafjallajokull Glacier´s Outlets, Gigjokull was... more

Langidalur Valley – Thorsmork

Langidalur belongs to the Merkurrani Area, north of River Krossa at the eastern... more

Godahraun – Magni and Modi

About Godahraun - Magni and Modi Modi and Magni are two of the two youngest... more

Vogar – Njardvik Hike

An ancient route through the Reidskard Pass over the Vogastapi Headland and... more

Hiking Mt.Keilir

The usual route is to walk to the mountain from the north of Oddafell, but it... more

Hiking Trails – Reykjanes Peninsula

Find your own Hiking Challenge in the Reykjanes Area As The Reykjanes Peninsula... more

Mt. Keilir

About Keilir Mt Keilir is a hyaloclastite mountain on the Reykjanes Peninsula... more

Kalmanstjorn Farm

Kalmanstjorn is an abandoned farm, a former estate to the south of Lake... more


The former estate Herdisarvik, now abandoned, stood on the synonymous cove on... more

Hafurbjarnarstadir Farm

About Hafurbjarnarstadir Farm Hafurbjarnarstadir is located on Gardskagi in... more

Hafnaberg Cliff

About Hafnaberg Hafnaberg is a low, sheer cliff just south of the fishing... more

Gardskagi – Reykjanes´ “End Point”

The northernmost point of the Reykjanes Peninsulais called Gardskagi It is... more

Mt. Brennisteinsfjoll

About Mt Brennisteinsfjoll The Sulphur Mountains are to the south of the... more

Almenningar Lava Fields

About Almenningar Almenningar is a lava patch between the lava fields... more

Hiking in Akureyri Area

The Glera Valley Area offers quite a few walking and climbing routes The valley... more


About Haifoss The waterfall Haifoss in the Thjorsa Valley is 122 m high,... more

Kleifarvatn Lake

About Kleifarvatn Lake Kleifarvatn is the largest lake of the Reykjanes... more

Hvalvatn Lake

About Hvalvatn Lake Lake Hvalvatn has an area of 4,1 km², it reaches a depth... more

Svinavatn Lake

About Svinavatn Lake Lake Svinavatn has an area of 12 km² It is situated 123... more

Apavatn Lake

About Apavatn Lake Lake Apavatn has an area of 14 km² The catch consists of... more

Graenalon Lagoon

About Graenalon Lagoon Glacial Lagoon Graenalon is a constantly changing body... more

Myvatn Lake

Lake Myvatn has an area of 36,5 km² It is situated 277 m above sea level and... more

Jokulsa a Fjollum

About Jokulsa a Fjollum This glacial river, a discharge of the icecap... more


Landmannalaugar, an area of recent volcanic activity, has colorful rhyolite... more

Svinarnes hut, Hruna

The Svinarnes hut is located on River Svina, north of Mt Burfell, in the centre... more

Landmannalaugar – Alftavatn Hike

1 day: Landmannalaugar-Hrafntinnusker Distance 12 km, estimated walking time 4... more

Alftavatn – Emstrur – Thorsmork Hike

About Alftavatn-Emstrur-Thorsmork Hiking Trail 1 day: Álftavatn - Emstrur... more

Hiking Trails Kverkfjoll – Hvannalindir

Hiking Trails in Kverkfjoll - Hvannalindir Area Changeable weather conditions,... more

Mts. Lindafjoll – Mt. Rifnihnjukur – Mts. Upptyppingar Hike

The trail from the Sigurdarskali hut to the bridge across Jokulsa a Fjollum... more

Hvannalindir Area – River Lindaa – Krikatjorn Pond Hike

From the ruins in Hvannalindir a longer hiking trail is available along the... more

Hvannalindir – Ruins of the Outlaw Lair – Hill Lindakeilir Hike

The parking area is within a short walking distance from the Lindahraun lava... more

Skarphedin’s Peak – Kverk Pass – Hut Sigurdarskali Hike

From The Icelandic Glaciological Society’s hut it is possible to walk... more

Hvannalindir – Kreppuhryggur Ridge – Krepputhrong Narrow Hike

A road lies from the Kverkfjoll route in the Hvannalindir area southeast to a... more

Western Kverkfjoll Mountains Hike

The tour starts from the hut Sigurdarskali, heading toward the Kverkjokull... more

Through Eastern Kverkfjallarani to Ravine Hveragil Hike

From the Hvannalindir area, a 38-kilometre jeep track extends from the... more

Hut Sigurdarskali – Kverkjokull Glacier Ice Cave Hike

The distance from the Sigurdarskali hut to the edge of the Kverkjokull... more

Sigurdarskali -Mt Virkisfell – Mt Biskupsfell Hike

Begin the tour by heading north to Mt Virkisfell (1108 m) Mt Biskupsfell (1240... more

Hut Sigurdarskali – Kverkfjallarani – Ravine Hveragil Hike

The tour follows route 2 over a rocky terrain, and then runs twelve km east... more

Borgarfjordur – Breidavik via Gagnheidi

An easy walk, mostly on a good jeep track, an earlier main connection road... more

Borgarfjordur – Brunavik across Brunavik Pass (400m)

This trail takes you from Borgarfjordur to Brunavik across the Brunavik Pass... more

Borgarfjordur – Brunavik pass Hofstrandarskard (321m)

This trail takes you from Borgarfjordur to Brunavik across pass... more

Eyjafjardara River

About Eyjafjardara River This river runs through the long Eyjafjord valley... more

Holsa River

About Holsa River This spring fed river was called Djupa (The Deep River) in... more


About Skjalfandafljot This large volume glacial rivers has some of Iceland’s... more

Tindfjallajokull Glacier

The total area of this small glacier is about 19 km² It is located just north... more

Drangajokull Glacier

This glacier is the northernmost of the country  Because of its retreat... more

Malmey Island

About Malmey Malmey is the larger of the two islands of the Skagafjord Bay It... more

Flatey Island Skjalfanda

About Flatey The island Flatey is situated on the Skjalfanda Bay It is about... more

Grimsey Island

About Grimsey Island Grimsey is the northernmost inhabited part of Iceland It... more

Hjorsey Island

About Hjorsey Island Hjorsey has an area of 5,5 km2 It is the largest island... more

Hrisey Island

About Hrisey Hrisey is the second largest island of the country, situated on... more

Heimaey Island

About Vestmannaeyjar The Westman Islands, "The Pearl in The Ocean", is an... more

Mt Kerling

Mt Kerling is the highest mountain near inhabited areas in the northern part of... more

Mts Kverkfjoll

Kverkfjoll is a mountain massif underneath and on the northern edge of the... more


This most famous and former largest spouting hot spring of the world probably... more

Reykjavik-Landmannalaugar-Reykjavik CD Guided Tours

Details From Reykjavik via Hveragerdi, Selfoss and Hella, through the... more

ATA – The Akureyri Touring Association

About The Akureyri Touring Association The club’s mountain huts are in... more

Utivist Travel Association

About Utivist Travel Association Útivist is a travel association, which goal... more

ITA – The Iceland Touring Association (Ferdafelag Islands)

About ITA - The Iceland Touring Association The aim of The Iceland Touring... more

Highland Center Hrauneyjar

About Highland Center Hrauneyjar The Highland Center Hrauneyjar offers... more

Veidivotn huts and camping

A camping site and WCs are in the immediate vicinity of the huts The summer... more

Hotel Kidagil

About Hotel Kidagil Last stop before Sprengisand route Rates Summer 1506-... more

IGS Mountain Hut Breida

The Iceland Glaciological Society (IGS) Breida Mountain Hut and garage were... more

ITA Mountain Huts Nyidalur / Jokuldalur

The Iceland Touring Association's (ITA) huts are located at about 800 metres... more

TCS Mountain Hut Hildarsel

The Travel Club Skagafjordur (TCS) Mountain hut Hildarsel is positioned 340m... more


About Kaldidalur Kaldidalur (The Cold Valley) is the westernmost and the... more

Hrauneyjar – Sigalda – Versalir

About Hrauneyjar - Sigalda - Versalir Hrauneyjar is the name of an area south... more

Sydra Fjallabak 4×4 Trail

About Sydra Fjallabak This route lies from the west to east just north of the... more

Arnarvatnsheidi Moorlands

These moorlands cover a large part of the northwestern interior The lakes there... more


About Ofeigsfjordur The Ofeigur Bay is divided into three fiords, furthest... more

Ogmundarhraun Lava Field

About Ogmundarhraun The lava field Ogmundarhraun is situated between Krysuvik... more

Ogur Church Farm

About Ogur Ogur was an estate and a parsonage on the utmost end of the... more

Olafsdalur Farm

About Olafsdalur The abandoned farm Olafsdalur is in a synonymous valley in... more

Olafseyjar Islands

About Olafseyjar Islands Islands Olafseyjar have only temporarily been... more

Olfusa River

About River Olfusa Rivers Hvita and Sog change names after their confluence... more

Olkelda Spring

About Olkelda Olkelda is the Icelandic name for a mineral spring Quite a few... more

Hnjotur Folk Museum

About Hnjotur Folk Museum Orlygshofn is a short valley ending in rather a... more


About Orlygsstadir Orlygsstadir is a historic site in the Blonduhlid Area in... more


About Oshlid Oshlid is the almost precipitous mountain slope between the... more

Ospakseyri Church Farm

The land around the farm and the spit of land Ospakseyri are within the... more


About Oxarfjordur Oxarfjordur is the name of the big bay between the... more


About Oxl Farm Oxl is located in County Breiduvikurhreppur, near Hotel Budir... more

Oxney Island

About Oxney Island Oxney is the second largest island off the Skogarstrond... more

Papey Island

About Papey This is the largest island off the east coast of Iceland, about 2... more

Althingishusid – The Icelandic Parliament House

The House of Parliament was built in 1880 - 1881 It was constructed from hewn... more

Parthus Farm

About Parthus Parthus was a sheep-cot where Part-House John and his companion... more


In addition to a myriad of attractions, The Pearl has an important function It... more

Ellidaar Power Plants

The first ideas concerning a hydroelectric power station in the Ellidaar Valley... more

Fjardarsel Power Plant

About Fjardarsel Power Plant In 1906, the Engineer General, Thorvald Krabbe,... more

Gardsa Power Plant

About Gardsa Power Plant The town council of Olafsfjordur decided to harness... more

Rjukandi Power Plant

About Rjukandi Power Plant River Fossa drains the Snaefell’s Glacier It... more

Purkey Island

About Purkey Island Island Purkey belongs to the Dalir District The channel... more

Raudamelur Ytri Church Farm

The houses of the farm are situated at the high edge of the lava field, where... more

Rekavik Cove

About Rekavik Cove This is a small cove between the large bird cliff... more

Jokulsa a Fjollum

This glacial river, a discharge of the icecap Vatnajökull in the south, is the... more

Reykir Farm

About Reykir Farm Farm Reykir of the Skeid County developed into a hamlet... more

Reykir Folk Museum

About Reykir Museum Down below the farm Reykir on The Hruta Bay is a spit of... more


About Reykjaheidi The moorlands south of the fishing town Husavik are only... more

Heydalur Hotel

About Heydalur Hotel Heydalur is a hotel and a restaurant in uniquely... more


About Reykjanes Reykjanes (The Steamy Peninsula) is the name of the south-... more

Reykjanes Peninsula

About Reykjanes Peninsula Its four (or five) volcanic regions are called:... more

Reykjarfjordur Nyrdri

About Reykjarfjordur Nyrdri This wide and short bay is situated between the... more


About Reykjarholsskogur This forest is located to the southwest of hamlet... more

Reykjavik Airport

About Reykjavik Airport In 1919 the pilot Rolf Zimsen, the nephew of the mayor... more

Reykjavik Harbor

The so-called Old Harbor of Reykjavik is the first lasting harbor of the town... more

Reynistadur Church Farm

About Reynistadur Reynistadur is a farm and a church site, approximately 10... more

Rifgirdingar Islands

About Rifgirdingar Islands Islands Rifgirdingar almost close the mouth of the... more

Samsstadir Farm

About Samsstadir The present farm consists of earlier three farms, in... more

Sanda Village

About Sanda Village The remainders of a base, built by the British and... more

Mt. Sandfell

About Sandfell The rhyolite laccolith Sandfell /743m) is located south of the... more

Saudafell Farm

About Saudafell Farm Saudafell and former church site is situated in the... more


About Saudanes The former rectory at Saudanes stood in the middle of the... more

Saudeyjar Islands

About Saudeyjar Islands Islands Saudeyjar are situated in the northwest corner... more

Saurbaer Church

The parsonage Saurbaer is situated in the county Hvalfjordur Coast During... more

Selatangar – Mt. Festarfjall

About Selatangar - Festarfjall Wherever the coastal landscape of the southwest... more

Seley Island

About Seley Island Island Seley is a 21 m high, vegetated rocky island 4,6 km... more


About Seljavallalaug The swimming pool Seljavallalaug is situated in a short... more

Selvik Cove

About Selvik Cove Cove Selvik was the best landing for small fishing vessels... more


About Selvogur Selvogur is a small community east of farm Herdisarvik in the... more


This cluster of reddish looking craters is situated in the Grimsnes County They... more


About Siglunes Siglunes is the northernmost point between the bays Siglufiord... more

Vatnsdalsa River – Westfjords

About Vatnsdalsa This river spills into the bay Vatnsfiord in the Northwest It... more

Vatnsdalsa River

About Vatnsdalsa The main section is a six rod fishery and the only river with... more

Sjounda Farm

About Sjounda Farm Sjounda is a remote, abandoned farm in the easternmost part... more

Skalafellsjokull Glacier

Glacier Tours were founded in 1985 The road up there is only 16 km long, but... more

Skalavik Cove

About Skalavik Cove Skalavik was the westernmost settlement of the district... more

Skaleyjar Islands

About Skaleyjar Islands This group of islands comprises of about 160 islands,... more

Skard Church Farm

Skard is a farm, a church site and was a large estate for centuries in the... more

Skeidararsandur Sand Plains

About Skeidararsandur This is one of the largest alluvial plains of the... more


About Skeidarettir The sheep pen Skeidarettir is situated just south of the... more


About Skeidaveitan The greatest achievement of “Skeidamenn” was the... more

Skeljavik Farm

About Skeljavik Farm The abandoned farm Skeljavik on a synonymous cove is... more

Mt Skjaldbreidur

About Skjaldbreidur This beautiful and symmetric prototype of shield volcanoes... more

Skogar Farm

About Skogar Farm Skogar is an abandoned farm in the eastern slopes of the... more


About Skotufjordur The Sting Ray Bay is about 10 miles (16 km) long and narrow... more

Skriddalur Valley

About Skriddalur When driving to the south from Egilsstadir, people, who do... more

Skrudur Island

About Skrudur Island Skrudur rises steeply out of the sea just east of the... more

Skrudur Garden

About Skrudur Garden Skrudur is a small tree park, established shortly after... more

Smaeyjar Islands

About Smaeyjar These are four islands situated to the west of the only... more

Smidjuvik Cove

About Smidjuvik Cove Smidjuvik is situated between the headlands... more

Snaefellsnes Volcanoes

Volcanic activity on the peninsula still exists in this Flank Zone extending... more


About Speni Speni is a mound between the cove Kolbeinsvik and Skreflur It... more


About Stadarborg Stadarborg is a sheep shelter, 2-3 km from the former... more

Stadarfell Church

Stadarfell is an ancient estate and a church site of County Fellsstrond It is... more

Stadur Church

This church belongs the Prestbakki benefice in the Hunavatn deanery Stadur is a... more

Stadur Parsonage

The parsonage Stadur (or Stadarstadur) has been a church site for centuries... more

Stadur Reykjanes

Stadur is a former parsonage and a church site a short distance to the west of... more


About Stafnes Stafnes was a mansion in the past There were many fishing... more

Stagley Island

About Stagley Island Island Stagley is the southernmost of the Vestureyjar... more


About Stakksfjordur The Stakksfjordur Bay is a deep southern inlet of the big... more


About Stapafell Mt Stapafell is a hyaloclastite mountain on the Reykjanes... more

Stapavik Cove

About Stapavik Cove Cove Stapavik is just east of river Selfjot's estuaries It... more


About Stokkalaekur Stokkalaekur is surrounded by beautiful landscapes The... more

Stora Gilja

About Stora Gilja Road no 1 passes the farm Stora-Gilja in the Hunavatn... more

Stori Holmur

About Stori Holmur Stori Holmur was an estate in the Leira County Probably... more


About Storisandur Storisandur is an undulating, barren area north of the... more


About Storurd Storurd (Boulder Scree) is in valley Urdardalur, which is the... more

Strandir and Westfjords

About Strandir and Westfjords The district Strandasysla covers the easternmost... more


About Straumfjordur Gunnlaugur (Gudlaugur) Thorfinnsson, the great grandfather... more


About Straumnes The headland Straumnes separates the coves Adalvik and Rekavik... more


About Straumsvik Cove Straumsvik, between the Aluminium smelter and former... more


About Sturlureykir Sturlureykir is a farm in the Reykholt Valley in the... more


About Sudurarbotnar The Sudurarbotnar area is the catchment area of river... more


About Sugandafjordur The Suganda Bay is about 8 miles (13 km) long and 2,2... more

Surtsey Island

About Island Surtsey The eruption, which created this and other islands around... more


About Svalbard Svalbard was a manor, a church site, and an official assembly... more


About Svartifoss Svartifoss is among the most renowned waterfalls of Iceland... more

Svefneyjar Island

About Island Svefneyjar Islands Svefneyjar form the innermost part of the... more

Svidnur Islands

About Islands Svidnur The Svidnur islands belong to the so-called West Islands... more


About Svinaskalastekkur Svinaskalastekkur is an abandoned farm in the... more

Teigarhorn Farm

About Teigarhorn Teigarhorn is a farm in the Buland County, about 4 kilometres... more


About Theistareykir The abandoned farm Theistareykir, and the surrounding area... more


About Thelamork Thelamork is an area in the eastern part of Valley... more

Therney Island

About Island Therney This island is just off the coast of the headland Alfsnes... more


About Thidriksvalladalur This well vegetated and beautiful valley is a short... more


Thingeyrar were among the best and most prosperous estates of the country It... more

Thingvellir Farm

About Thingvellir Presently a farm at the end of a synonymous cove south of... more

Mt Thorbjorn

About Mt Thorbjorn Mt Thorbjorn (Thorbjarnarfell) is a free standing,... more

Thorisholmi Island

About Island Thorisholmi This island is situated about three km to the south... more


About Thorolfsfell Mt Thorolfsfell (574 m) is located east of the inhabited... more


About Thorshofn During the 19th century ships started frequenting this harbour... more


About thorskafjardarheidi The road across this mountain area was mostly carved... more


About Thorsmork Thorsmork is one of the brightest pearls on the string of... more


About Thrainsskjoldur Thrainsskjoldur is an extensive lava mound north of Mt... more


About Thrastarskogur Mr Tryggvi Gunnarsson, a renowned businessman and a... more


About Thvotta Farm Thvotta is the southernmost farm of the Alftafjordur County... more


About Thyrill The name Thyrill applies to a mountain (388 m) and a farm on the... more

Mt Tindastoll

About Mt Tindastoll Mt Tindastoll (995 m) is about 18 km long and a prominent... more


About Trolladyngja Trolladyngja is a hyaloclastite mountain to the north of... more

Mt Trollakirkja

About Trollakirkja Mt Trollakirkja is a high and a prominent mountain on the... more

Thjofafoss – Trollkonuhlaup

These waterfalls just east of Mt Burfell look more like rapids when River... more


During the period 1929-1933 the Reykjavik Electric Authority (now Municipal... more


Old sources mention a prayer chapel at farm Unadsdalur in the ancient past and... more


Unaos is the easternmost farm of the Hjaltastadur County on the estuary of... more

Upsi – Upsastrond

The coastline Upsaströnd stretches between the perpendicular promontory... more


About Urridafoss In order to get to the waterfall Urridafoss you follow the... more

Uthlid Farm

About Uthlid Farm Uthlid was first named the Outer Hlid and was a church site... more

Utskalar Church

Utskalar was a church site and a parsonage and one of the greater mansions of... more


About Vadalfjoll Mts Vadalfjoll are located straight to the north of... more


About Vallholmur Vallalaug hot spring Vallholmur (Holmurinn) is the lowland... more

Valthjofsstadur Church

This ancient manor and parsonage from the 14 century is situated west of the... more


About Vatnsdalur The Lake Valley is well vegetated and prosperous looking The... more


About Vatnsfjordur The Vatnsfjordur bay is about 9 km long with the island... more

Vatnsleysa Farms

About Vatnsleysa Farms Smaller and Big Vatnsleysa were formerly manors and big... more


About Vatnsleysustrond This 15 km long and narrow county along the northern... more


About Vatnsnes This mountainous peninsula between the bays Midfiord and... more


About Verdalir Valleys Verdalir comprise Yztidalur, Middalur and Cove Sandvik... more

The Westman Islands

About The Westman Islands The Westman Islands’ volcanic system comprises... more


About Vidfjordur The Vidfjordur cove is the southernmost of the Nordfjordur... more


About Vifilsstadir Originally the freedman Vifill built his farm to the... more

Vigur Island

About Vigur Vigur is the second largest island of the Isafjordur Bay It is... more

Vikur Hiking Trails – Borgarfjordur East

Viknaslod Hiking Trails Borgarfjordur - Brunavik Borgarfjordur - Brunavik... more

Vogastapi Headland

About Vogastapi Headland Vogastapi (80 m) carried different names in the past,... more

Gvendarbrunnar – Reykjavik Municipality Waterworks

Our existence has always depended on water The first settlers in Iceland relied... more

Yztafell Farm

About Yztafell This farm is situated at the northern foot of Mt Kinnarfell in... more

Camping in Hvolsvollur

Hvolsvöllur is located on highway no 1 The camp site is at the entrance to the... more


About Skriduklaustur This renowned, ancient manor was called Skrida up to the... more


Lagarfljot River Lagarfljot is the second largest one in the East, about 85... more


Jokuldalur Jokuldalur (The Glacial Valley) is the longest inhabited valleys of... more


Hengifoss River Hengifossa discharges Lake Hengifossarvatn on the... more


About Melrakkasletta The northeastern peninsula is nameless, but its largest... more

Raudanes Hike

Point Raudanes is in the vicinity of farm Vellir and former parsonage Svalbard,... more


About Langanes Langanes is a large and long peninsula to the east of the... more


About Tjornes The mountainous peninsula Tjornes is indented with short valleys... more

Camping in Thakgil

Þakgil is located between Höfðabrekkuafrétti and Mýrdalssandur The name... more

Selfoss Waterfall – Jokulsa a Fjollum

About Selfoss Selfoss is one of the three waterfalls of river Jokulsa a... more

Namaskard hverir

Namaskard hverir This spectacular high temperature area (410 m above sea... more

Camping in Vik

The Vík camping site is in close proximity to the Vík village On the site we... more

Jardbodin a Myvatni (Jardbadsholar)

About Jardbodin a Myvatni The crater row Jardbadsholar is situated near road... more

Grimsstadir a Fjollum

Grimstadir a Fjollum Farm Grimsstadir and farm Modrudalur are the highest... more


Bjarnarflag is a high temperature area situated west of the Namaskard Pass in... more

Bjarnarflag Power Plant

The idea of harnessing the geothermal energy of the Bjarnarflag Area was first... more


The Nature Reserve Dimmuborgir, „The Dark Castles”, are among the most... more


Aldeyjarfoss This waterfall is considered the most beautiful one in the river... more


Barnafoss The waterfall Barnafoss is in River Skjalfandafljot near the... more


Valley Adaldalur covers most of the lowland area to the south of Bay... more


About Vaglaskogur Vaglaskogur is the second largest forest of the country It... more

Munkatvera Church

Munkathvera is a farm, a church site and a former manor in the Laugaland... more


About Kaldbakur Mt Kaldbakur (1167 m) protrudes from the eastern shores of the... more


About Hrafnagil Hrafnagil has been an estate since ancient times It was a... more

Videy Hike

Videy is the largest island of the Kollafjord Bay (1,7 km²) with its highest... more

Oskjuhlid Hike

Oskjuhlid Hike The hill Oskjuhlid is an important link in the chain of open... more

Ellidaardalur Hike

The Ellidaar-valley is one of the most interesting recreational areas of the... more

Ellidavatn Hike

Lake Ellidavatn is among the many lakes within the capital area Its surface... more

Raudholar – All Year Hiking Trip

Raudholar are the remainder of a cluster of pseudo craters within the... more

Hiking Nyidalur

Nýidalur hut– Evening stroll with the park ranger Daily at 2030 The park... more

Snaefell to Lonsoraefi Hike

Distances: Snaefell - Geithellnar about 100 km Snaefell - Thorisdalur about 80... more

Hiking Trails Kverkfjoll and Hvannalindir

Hiking Trail Suggestions 1 Hut Sigurdarskali - Ice Cave The distance from the... more

Askja Trail: Hike from Herdubreidalindir to Svartarkot

The walking distance is about 100 km The only major obstacle is the shortage of... more

Mt. Esja Hike

Mt Esja is the most prominent mountain within the capital area after the... more

Hiking in Hveragerdi

Number of hiking trails are available at Hveragerdi area 1-4 hours There are... more

Reykjavegur Hike

The Reykjavegur hiking trail is divided into a few easy stages and at the end... more

Camping in Eldborg

The camp site next to Hotel Eldborg is about 50 km away from the town... more

Camping in Blonduos

Gladheimar runs the camping area in Blonduos, as well as 20 well equipped... more

Camping in Varmahlid

The campsite in Varmahlid is a family friendly are with lots of activities all... more

Camping in Dalvik

When arriving from Akureyri, the campsite is by the southern entrance in to the... more

Camping in Asbyrgi

The national park is open to guests all year round A campsite for tents,... more


Asbyrgi certainly is one of nature’s wonders It is a 3½ km long canyon with... more

Camping in Thorshofn

The campsite is high in the village in an extremely peaceful location, with all... more

Camping in Eskifjordur

The campsite is located close to the entrance to the village of Eskifjörður,... more

Camping in Faskrudsfjordur

This campsite is by a small pond in the top of Faskrudsfjordur village The... more

Camping in Stodvarfjordur

The campsite is located in the eastern side of Stodvafjordur village It's right... more

Camping in Breiddalsvik

Situated behind Hotel Blafell, next to the playground is where you will find... more

Camping in Djupivogur

The campsite is in the middle of Djupivogur town, serviced by Hotel Framtíð... more

Hallormstadur Camping – Atlavik

Around the campsite are about 40 kilometers of marked walking paths, as well as... more

Camping in Egilsstadir

In the town of Egilsstadir are two camping grounds - one in Kaupvangur and the... more

Camping in Borgarfjordur Eystri

Campsite with good facilities for camping vehicles Cooking facilities with... more


About Godafoss This is one of the most impressive waterfalls of the country It... more

Godafoss Camping

Guesthouse Fosshóll is located by the Goðafoss gulley only 500 meters away... more

Holaskjol to Hvanngil Hike

This spectacular hiking trail and bridle path winds between mountains and... more

Hiking Hveravellir to Hvitarnes

The hiking distance is 42 - 44 km At the starting or finishing point,... more

Hellismannaleid Hike – Landmannalaugar to Rjupnavellir and Leirubakki Farm

The total hiking distance comprises about 55 kilometres, which can be divided... more

Hiking trail Holaskjol to Thorsmork Hike

This spectacular hiking trail and bridle path winds between mountains and... more

Fimmvorduhals Hike – Skogar to Thorsmork

The distance between Skogar and Thorsmork (Basar) is about 25 km Hikers en... more

Laugavegur Hike – Guided tour

About Laugavegur hike - from Landmannalaugar to Thorsmork The total hiking... more

Camping in Kirkjubaer II

The camping is situated in the village of Kirkjubæjarklaustur It offers good... more

Faxi Waterfall – Camping

The campsite by the waterfall Faxa is on the riverside of the Tungufljot river,... more

Svinafell Camping

Svinafell Camping offer two types of camping: First, there are 8 camping areas... more

Skaftafell Camping

The campground office is located next to the entrance gate Visitors should... more

Geysir Camping

The campsite is within walking distance from the hot spring area and the great... more

Camping in Hafnarfjordur

The campsite is close to all services, shopping and many tourist attractions... more

Camping in Hveragerdi

The campsite is close to the center of the village, within walking distance of... more

Camping in Thorlakshofn

The campsite is located next to the sports center and the church of... more

Camping in Vogar

The campsite is close to the sports center, located on a grass field that used... more

Camping in Grindavik

In the camping site you have 13500 sqmeter area to park your tent, trailer or... more

Utivist Alftavotn hut

About Alftavotn hut Members of the Touring Association Utivist restored the... more

IGS Mountain Hut Esjufjallaskali hut

The Iceland Glaciological Society (IGS) Mountain Hut Esjufjallaskali is located... more

Utivist Mountain Hut Strutur

Mountain hut Strutur was built to accommodate 26 people in 2002 Its access... more

Leppistungur Hut, Hruna

The Leppistungur hut was built in 1987 on River Kerlingaa in the upper part of... more

Helgaskali Mountain hut

Mountain hut Helgaskali is on the so-called Line-Track between Valleys... more

ITA Thjofadalir hut, Kjolur

The Icelandic Touring Association´s (ITA) small hut in valleys Thjofadalir was... more

ITA Thverbrekknamuli hut, Kjolur

The Thverbrekknamuli hut is situated southeast of Mt Hrutfell, near river... more

ITA Hvitarnes hut, Kjolur

The Hvitarnes hut was the first to be built by the Iceland Touring Association... more

Gislaskali in Svartarbotnar, Kjolur

Gislaskali in Svartárbotnar is the last hut on the southern part of Kjölur... more

Uthlid Camping

This is a relatively large campsite with a swimming pool, restaurant, golf... more

Arbudir hut, Kjolur

Arbudir is another hut in Kjölur and the second hut if going from south of to... more

Fremstaver Hut

Fremstaver is a hut in Kjölur one of the main highland roads connecting south... more

Hotel Sanda, Blaskogabyggd

Hotel Sanda mountain hut on river Sanda at the southernmost end of the Kjolur... more

ITA Hagavatn hut, Jarlhettur Langjokull

Icelandic Touring Association (ITA) Mountain hut Hagavatn was built in 1942 It... more

Laugarvatn Camping

This campsite is quite big, with basic service close by like a grocery store... more

ITA Nordurfjordur hut – Valgeirsstadir

The Icelandic Touring Association (ITA) Nordurfjordur hut is called... more


About Nordurfjordur This cove with a synonymous hamlet is situated just north... more

ITA Mounatin Hut Hloduvellir

The Hloduvellir hut is the property of the Iceland Touring Association and... more

ATA Mountain hut Botni

The Akureyri Touring Association (ATA) Mountain hut Botni is located at about... more

ATA Mountain Hut Braedrafell

Please Note: This Hut is Locked  Contact ATA for Keys The Akureyri Touring... more

ATA Mountain huts Dreki, Dyngjufjoll

The Akureyri Touring Association (ATA) Mountain huts Dreki is located at the... more

ATA Mountan hut Thorsteinsskali, Herdubreidarlindir

The Akureyi Touring Association (ATA) Mountain hut Thorsteinsskali was built... more

ATA Mountain hut Dyngjufell

The Akureyri Touring Association (ATA) Mountain hut Dyngjufell is located at... more

ATA Mountain hut Lambi, Glerardalur

The mountain hut Lambi in valley Glerardalur was built in 1975 and accommodates... more

ATA huts Laugarfell, Eyjafjardardalur

The Akureyri Touring Association (ATA) Mountain hut Laugafell hut was built in... more

TCS Mountain hut Ingolfskali, Lambahrauni

Mountain hut Ingolfsskali was built in 1978 It is located in Lambahraun, north... more

TCS Mountain hut Trolli, Gonguskord

Touring Club Skagafjordur (TCS) Mountain hut Trolli (370m) is located near... more

TCS Mountain hut Thufnavellir, Vididalur

Touring Club Skagafjordur (TCS) Mountain hut Thufnavellir is located in valley... more

Holaskjol Mountain Hut

Holaskjol, sheltered by Mounds Lambaskardsholar, offers mountain hut... more

Utivist Mountain Hut Skaelingar

Touring Association Utivist restored a decayed farmers' sheep roundup shelter... more

Utivist Mountain Hut Sveinstindur

The Sveinstindur mountain hut is located southeast of Mt Sveinstindur The... more

ITA Mountain Hut – Baldvinsskali

Baldvinsskali is located at Fimmvorduhals, one of the most popular hiking... more

FTC Hut Breidavik, Breidavik Austfjords

Mountain hut Breidavik is located on a synonymous cove in the Eastfjords It is... more

FTC Husavikurskali, Austfjordum

Mountain hut Husavikurskali is on a synonymous cove in the Eastfjords It was... more

FTC Egilssel hut, Lonsoraefi

Mountain hut Egilssel is locate in the Lonsoraefi Area It is solely used by... more

FTC Hut Geldingarfell

Mountain hut Geldingafell is located at the foot of Mt Geldingafell and is... more

Mountain Hut Sigurdarskali, Kverkfjoll

Mountain hut Sigurdarskali is open the whole year round and accommodates 75-85... more

FTC Snaefellskali Hut, Snaefell

Mountain hut Snaefellsskali is located at the foot of the highest free-standing... more

Hut Breida, Jokulsarlon

The Breida hut and garage were built in 1951 The houses are located 23 metres... more

IGS Hut Esjufjoll, Breidamerkurjokull

The hut is located on the nunatak Esjufjoll at 701 metres above sea level in... more

IGS Fjallkirkja hut Langjokull

Fjallkirkja was built in 1979 at the foot of a synonymous nunatak on glacier... more

IGS Grimsvotn Mountain Huts

The first hut, Grimsfjall I, the measurement equipment installation, and the... more

IGS Jokulheimar Mountain Hut

The first hut was built in 1955, the garage in 1958, the fuel storage house in... more

Utivist Mountain Hut – Fimmvorduhals

The Touring Association Utivist restored the decayed, former "Mountainmen's"... more

IGS Kverkfjoll Mountain Hut

Mountain hut Kverkfjallaskali was built in 1977 to accommodate 6-12 people It... more

Utivist Basar Mountain Huts in Thorsmork

Soon after the Touring Association Utivist was founded, its members started... more

Hottur Mountain Hut Drekafjoll, Dyngjufjoll

This mountain hut is the property of and operated by Myvatn Tours It... more

ITA Mountain Hut Skagafjordsskali Langidalur Thorsmork

Mountain hut Skagfjordsskali is located on a flat area at the mouth of Valley... more

Mulaskali, Lonsoraefi

Mountain hut Mulaskali was built in 1984 just south of Kollumuli It... more

Volcano Huts – Husadalur Thorsmork

About Volcano Huts Thorsmork The Volcano Huts are located in the Thorsmork... more

IGS Godahnjukar hut

Mountain hut Godahnukar was built in 1979 for 6-12 persons at 1,498 metres... more


About Godahnjukar Mountain hut Godahnukar was built in 1979 for 6-12 persons... more

ITA Mountain Huts Botnar in Emstrur

About Botnar The Iceland Touring Association huts Botnar on river South... more

Camping in Kidagil

The campsite is about 23 kilometers from the ring road, and around 20... more

Alftavatn Hut – Restaurant

Alftavatn Restaurant – Volcano Huts Region: Highland Coordinates: 6385° N... more

ITA Hornbjarg Hut, Hornstrandir

About Hornbjarg Hut and CampingThe ITA has taken over the operation of the... more

ITA Mountain Huts at Lake Alftavatn

The mountain huts of the Iceland Touring Association on lake Alftavatn on the... more

ITA Hrafntinnusker Mountain Hut

About Hrafntinnusker Mountain Hut The ITA hut on Mt Hrafntinnusker,... more


About Hallbjarnarvordur This topographic name literally means The Cairns of... more

Utivist Mountain Hut – Dalakofinn

The Dalakofinn hut is located in the majestic landscapes just north of Mt... more


Hamraskogar The Hamraskogar Forest is a patch of wood to the north of the... more

Afangagil Mountain Hut

The mountain hut Afangagil is situated on the edge of one of Iceland's most... more


About Haukadalsheidi Moorland Haukadalsheidi is situated in the southern... more

Rjupnavellir Cottages

Rjúpnavellir in Landsveit is a small and comfortable resort in south of... more

Landmannahellir Cottages

About Landmannahellir Cottages Accommodation on the Domadalur... more

ITA Mountain Huts in Landmannalaugar

The Iceland Touring Association first built a hut in Landmannalaugar in 1951,... more

Herdubreid og Herdubreidarlindir

About Herdubreid og Herdubreidarlindir There is a mountain range east of The... more


About Hljodaklettar Hljodaklettar (The Whispering Cliffs) are a bizarre... more


About Hlodufell Mt Hlodufell is a beautifully shaped table mountain to the... more

Hofsjokull Glacier

Glacier Hofsjokull East (1069m) is located east of Glacier Vatnajokull, between... more


About Holaskogur Holaskogur (The Forested Mounds) is a deforested area of the... more


About Holmatungur Holmatungur is a well vegetated area on the western side of... more


About Holsfjoll Holsfjoll, or Fjallasveit, is the name of the area to the east... more


This lava field and its two crater rows were created by fissure eruptions One... more


The English name of this 1128 m high mountain is The Obsidian Skerry It is... more


About Hrossaborg "The Horse Castle" is one of two "tuff rings" situated in the... more


About Husadalur Valley Husadalur is somewhat larger than Valley Langidalur and... more


About Hvannalindir The Hvannalindir area is a vegetated oasis, 640 m above sea... more


Hvanngil The new Hvanngil Hut offers sleeping bag accommodations for 60 people... more

ITA Hvanngil Hut

The new Hvanngil Hut offers sleeping bag accommodations for 60 people in four... more


Hveravellir (The Hot Spring Fields) is a very interesting low temperature area... more

Hvitarnes Kjolur

About Hvitarnes Kjolur This is mostly a delta area between some rivers on the... more

Lake Hvitarvatn

About Lake Hvitarvatn Lake Hvitarvatn has an area of 29,4 km² Its greatest... more


About Isholsvatn Lake Isholsvatn has an area of 5,2 km² It is 5 km long, 39 m... more


About Jokulfall River Jokulfall is also called Jokulkvisl Several rivulets... more


About Jokulheimar Jokulheimar are situated in an area called Tungnarbotnar... more

Jokulsa a Bru

Jokulsa a Bru Jokla, as many people call it, is the longest river of Eastern... more

Jokulsa a Fjollum

Jokulsa a fjollum This glacial river, a discharge of the icecap Vatnajökull... more

Jokulsargljufur National Park

The Northern Part of National Park Vatnajokull This park was established in... more


Karahnjukar comprises two hyaloclastite mountains on the eastern side of River... more

Karlsdrattur Cove

About Karlsdrattur The cove is situated just east of the northern glacier... more

Kaldarhofdi Farm

About Kaldarhofdi Farm Kaldarhofdi is opposite to the Drattarhlid Hill to the... more

Mt. Vordufell

About Vordufell Mt Vordufell (391 m) is a triangularly shaped mountain to the... more

Mt. Hestfjall

About Hestfjall Mt Hestfjall (317 m) rises gradually higher from the south to... more

Braedratunga Church Farm

About Braedratunga Braedratunga is a manor and a church site on the tongue... more

Laugarvatnsvellir Plains

About Laugarvatnsvellir Laugarvatnsvellir is a large grassy area, a former... more

Skalholt Church

The ancient seat of the Icelandic bishops, Skalholt, was the centre of... more


About Ashildarmyri Ashildarmyri is a historical site and an ancient meeting... more

Hagongur Mountains

About Hagongur Hagongur is the name of two similar mountains, The Northern-H... more

Grimsvotn Central Volcano

Grimsvotn, under the centre of the Vatnajokull Ice Cap, is a large central... more

Grafarlond Eystri

About Grafarlond This small oasis is situated at the eastern edge of the vast... more


About Godaland Godaland, like the other former summer pastures, Mulatungur... more


About Gljufurleit Gljufurleit is a part of the western slopes of the River... more

Gaesavotn Route

About Gaesavotn Route (F-910) This route is one of the most interesting and... more

Gaesavotn Lakes

About Gaesavotn (Geese Lakes) Those two lakes are situated at the western foot... more

Granahaugar Burial Site

About Granahaugar Short distance north of Buland in Skaftartunga lies the... more

Gragaesadalur Valley

About Gragaesadalur Valley Gragaesadalur (greylag goose) is in the southwest... more

Fremrinamur Geothermal Area

About Fremrinamur Fremrinamur is a high temperature area on the shield... more

Mt. Fjordungsalda

About Fjordungsalda This low mountain (972m) is actually an old and heavily... more

Fjallabak Nature Reserve

Fjallabak Nature Reserve was established in 1979 The Nature reserve is 47000... more

Fjallabak Sydra Route

The Fjallabak sydra (south) or middle route lies from the west to east just... more

Landmannaleid Route

About Landmannaleid This route takes you through one of the most colorful... more

Fagrifoss Waterfall

Fagrifoss is a waterfall on the way to laki route is very rough and rugged... more

Eyvindakofaver Marsh

About Eyvindarkofaver Eyvindarkofaver is a relatively well-vegetated marsh... more


About Eyjabakkar This boggy area northeast of the glacier snout... more

Eyjabakkajokull Glacier

The glacier snout Eyjabakkajokull is the easternmost of the other much larger,... more


About Emstrur Emstrur is a desolate grazing area in the southern interior,... more

Eldgja Fissure

Eldgja, or "The Fire Fissure”, is 40 km long and stretches from the glacier... more

Eiriksjokull Glacier

Glacier Eiriksjokull (1,675 m) has an area of about 22 km sq and rests on top... more

Dyngjuhals Ridge

The Dyngjuhals is a wide ridge east of Lakes Gaesavotn It is about 20 km wide... more


The central volcano Katla is hidden under the southeastern part of the ice cap... more


The mountain massif Kerlingarfjoll (The Ogress' Mountains; 800 - 1500 m) is the... more


About Kidagil This gorge represents the northern boundary of the Sprengisandur... more

Kirkjufell Highland

About Kirkjufell Mt Kirkjufell (964 m) is a prominent rhyolite mountain on the... more


Kistufell This mountain protrudes up to 1444 m (4,765 feet) above sea level... more

Kjolur Route

About Kjolur Route The Kjolur area (600-700m) lies between the Langjokull... more


The name of Mt Krafla was extended over the high temperature area after the... more


About Krepputunga The Kverkfjoll Mountains are at the northern edge of the... more


About Kverkfjoll Kverkfjoll is a mountain massif underneath and on the... more

Hiking in Laki, Lakagigar

This part of the Interior offers clear trails to follow, so it mostly depends... more

Laki, Lakagigar

The 25 km long crater row called Lakagigar was created during a relatively... more


About Lambatungnajokull This glacier snout flows down into the Skyndidalur... more


Cave Landmannahellir at the foot of Mt Hellisfjall south of Mt Lodmundur and... more

Landmannaleid route

About Landmannaleid Kringla This area on the Landmanna Route could be called... more


This lake is about 20 km long and up to 2 km wide and it extends almost up to... more

Langjokull Glacier

The Long Glacier (1355m) is the second largest in Iceland It has an area of... more

Mt. Laugarfell

About Laugarfell The mountains Laugafell and Laugafellshnjukur (892 and 987 m)... more


About Laugarvalladalur This valley is one of the Bruar Valleys, mentioned... more


About Maelifellssandur This is a wide sand and gravel plain north of the... more

Markarfljot river

About Markarfljot River The 1070 km² catchment area of the glacial river... more


Marteinsflaeda The area called Marteinsflaeda is north of Lakes Gaesavotn, and... more


About Merkurtungur The Merkurtungur Area lies between the South and North... more


About Mjoidalur This valley branches to the south from the end of the... more


Modrudalur is the highest situated and still inhabited farm of the country... more


About Mulatungur The Mulatungur cover the area between River Tungnakvisl to... more


The Myrdalsjokull glacier (1480m) is the fourth largest glacier with an area of... more

Nyidalur – Jokuldalur

Both names, The New Valley (Nyidalur) and The Glacial Valley (Jokuldalur) are... more


About Sigalda This hyaloclastite (moberg) ridge rises 550 m above sea level to... more


Skaelingar Skaelingar (plural) are an interior summer pasture area for sheep... more

Skafta River

Skafta is a mixed glacial and spring fed river Most of the glacial discharge... more

Mt. Snaefell

About Snaefell The Snowy Mountain (Sierra Nevada) is the highest freestanding... more

Sottarhellir Cave

Sottarhellir Cave Cave Sottarhellir (The Plague Cave) is located in the... more

Sprengisandur Route

About Sprengisandur Route This part of the interior, the so-called... more

Domadalur Valley

About Domadalur Valley Domadalur is located just east of Kringla (Cave... more

Domadalur Route (F-225)

About Domadalur The Domadalur Route is actually the westernmost part of the... more

Dettifoss Waterfall

About Dettifoss Dettifoss is Europe’s mightiest waterfall It is 44 m high... more

Budarhals Ridge

About Budarhals Budarhals is a 600-700 m high dolerite and hyaloclastite... more

Bruarjokull Glacier

This glacier tongue is the largest of the many such of the icecap Vatnajokull... more


About Steinsholt Steinsholt is a 3 miles long summer pasture in the northern... more


About Sveinagja Sveinagja is a volcanic fissure and a fault in the eastern... more


Summer pastures Teigstungur stretch up to the edge of the glacier tongues... more


About Thjofadalir The Valleys of Thieves are situated between the second... more

River Thjorsa

About River Thjorsa The Book of Settlements explains the denomination of the... more

Bruardalir Valleys

About Bruardalir These valleys are situated in the Bruaroraefi Interior of... more

Biskupsbrekka Slope

About Biskupsbrekka The green Bishop's Slope in the western interior, near... more


During the first half of "The Free State Period" (930-1262), the settlement of... more


About Thjorsarver This vast (150 km²) and sparsely vegetated area on both... more

Torfajokull glacier

The glacier Torfajokull peaks at 1,190 m above sea level and its total area is... more

Beinaholl Mound

About Beinaholl (Bone Mound) This topographic name refers to the vegetated... more

Basar Valley

Valley Basar is a part of the rugged Godaland Area between the river Hruna and... more

Mt. Bardarbunga

Mt Bardarbunga is the second highest elevation of the country, just below 2000... more


Mt Trolladyngja (4,815 feet) is a vast shield volcano at the northern end of... more

Bardargata Route

About Bardargata Bardargata is the name of a route from the Bardardalur... more


About Tungnaaoraefi Tungnaaroraefi is the area between the rivers Skafta and... more

The Odadahraun Lava Fields

About Odadahraun This name refers to the largest lava area of the country... more

Mt. Askja – Dyngjufjoll

The Odadahraun lava desert This is the vastest lava area of the country The... more


Mt Tungnafell (1,392 m) is a convex and steep mountain in the northern slopes... more

Mt. Arnarfell

Mt Arnarfell (1143m) is almost engulfed by the southeastern part of Glacier... more

Vatnahjalli Route

About Vatnahjalli Route This ancient route is also named The Eyfirdinga Route... more

Arnardalur Valley

About Arnardalur Valley Arnardalur is located 25 km south of farm Modrudalur... more

Veidivotn Lakes

Veidivotn Lakes This part of the country is among the youngest (1477) and... more


About Vesturoraefi This vast feeding and breeding area of the reindeer is... more


About Vonarskard The Pass of Hope is named after an event, which took place... more

Alftavatnskrokur Dell

About Alftavatnskrokur Alftavatnskrokur is a dell with a few small lakes... more

Lake Alftavatn

The Whooper Swan Lake is situated just south of The Middle Route It is quite... more

Aldeyjarfoss Waterfall

About Aldeyjarfoss This waterfall is considered the most beautiful one in the... more

Adalbol Farm

About Adalbol The former estate is situated in the Hrafnkell Valley, a small... more


Oraefajokull is the highest mountain of the country, 2,110 m, and stretches to... more

Vatnajokull Glacier – Europes Largest Icecap

Vatnajokull (2110m) was named after sub-glacial lakes in a very volcanically... more

Papos Trading Post

About Papos Papos was the first trading post of the East Skaftafell District... more

Hoffellsdalur Valley

About Hoffellsdalur This is the easternmost of the Nesja County valleys It... more

Hoffell Church Farm

Hoffell is an estate in the Nesjar County According to the Book of Settlements,... more

Nupstadur Church Farm

Nupstadur is the easternmost farm of the Fljot County, just to the west of the... more

Borgahofn farm cluster

About Borgarhofn Borgarhofn is a cluster of farms in County Sudursveit The... more

Sandfell Farm

About Sandfell Farm Sandfell is an abandoned farm in the Oraefi District, a... more

Ingolfshofdi Lighthouse

The lighthouse on the eastern part of the promontory was built in 1916 and... more

Ingolfshofdi Headland

About Ingolfshofdi Ingolfshofdi is a headland, framed with the sea in the... more

Fagurholsmyri Farm Community

Fagurholsmyri is a farm community in the Oraefi County On a fine day, the view... more

Breidamerkurjokull Glacier

Glacier Breidamerkurjokull counts among the largest glacier tongues of the... more

Mt Breidamerkurfjall

Mt Breidamerkurfjall (774m) is an outcrop of the country’s highest mountain,... more

Baejarstadaskogur Woods

Forest Baejarstadaskogur is one of the best thriving birch forests of the... more

Mt. Lomagnupur

Mt Lomagnupur is a prominent 688 m high and precipitous promontory on the south... more

Orrustuholl Mound

About Orrustuholl The Argument Mound protrudes from the eastern Skafta Fire... more

Kirkjugolf Lava formation

About Kirkjugolf The so-called Church Floor is situated in the meadow just... more

Systrafoss Waterfall and Systrastapi Cliff

About Systrafoss and Systrastapi 1186 a nun monastery was established in... more

Eldhraun Lava – Laki Area

The 25 km long crater row called Lakagigar was created during a relatively... more

Alftaver plain

Alftaver is a relatively small and a flat area to the east of the desert... more

Kudafljot River

The glacial river Kudafljot in south Iceland has a large catchment area Its... more

Kirkjubaerklaustur Chapel

chapel belongs to the Kirkjubaejarklaustur benefice in the Skaftafell deanery... more

Thykkvibaerklaustur Closter

Thykkvabaearklaustur is presently a church site in the county Alftaver, and was... more

Hjorleifshofdi Headland

Hjorleifshofdi is a freestanding, 221 m high hyaloclastite headland on the... more

Kerlingardalur Valley

The Kerlingar Valley is situated about 5 kilometres to the east of the hamlet... more

Hofdabrekka Farm

Farm Hofdabrekka is the easternmost one in the Myrdalur County, closes to the... more

Markarfljot River

The 1070 km² catchment area of the glacial river Markarfljot has to be forded... more

Stakkholt Gorge

About Stakkholt The Stakkholt Area is framed by Glacier Eyjafjallajokull to... more

Landa Church

This church belongs to the Westman Islands’ benefice in the Kjalarnes deanery... more

Heimaklettur Mountain

This low mountain is one of the northern outposts of the Heimaey Island It... more

Storhofdi Headland

Headland Storhofdi is the southernmost inhabited spot of the country It is 122... more

Eyjafjallajokull Glacier

Eyjafjallajokull (Directly translated: "The Island Mountains’ Glacier") or... more

Mt. Hekla – Volcano

The most "renowned or infamous" volcano of Iceland, Hekla, is situated on a 25... more

Dyrholaey Headland

About Dyrholaey Dyrholaey is a 120 m high and precipitous headland A large,... more

Reynir Church

The Reyni’s Church belongs to the Vik benefice in the Skaftafell Deanery In... more

Skogar Museum Church

This church belongs to the Holt benefice in the Rangarvellir deanery Its... more

Eyvindarmuli Farm

Farm Eyvindarmuli in Fljotshlid County was a church site Its name is derived... more

Ranga Burial Site

Early 19th century sources mention two burial grounds about 2½ km east of... more

Oddi Church

This church belongs to the Oddi benefice in the Rangarvellir deanery Oddi has... more

Aegisida Farm

Aegissida is a farm on River Ytri-Ranga opposite to the small town Hella in the... more

Hellar Farm

Hellar is a farm in the Land County in the Southwestern Lowlands Some ancient,... more

Floaveitan – Historic Irrigation

“Floaaveitan” (irrigation) was built in the years 1918-1927 It covered... more

Laugadaela Church

Laugardæla church is 3 km from Selfoss It was built in the years... more

Ghost Museum

The Draugasetur Museum (Ghost Museum) is located on the 3rd floor of the... more

Hjalli Church Farm

Hjalli is a farm and a church site in the Olfus County Around the year 1000 it... more

Baugsstadir Farm

The Baugsstadir farm was named after the settler Baugur, who spent his first... more

Reynishverfi – Reynir and Gardar Farms

About Reynishverfi Gardar is the southernmost farm of Iceland West of it is... more

Badstofuhellir Cave

About Badstofuhellir The sandstone outcrop Hellnaskagi is on the property of... more

Petursey Mountain

About Petursey "The Peter's Island" as this freestanding, 275 m high, mountain... more

Solheimajokull Glacier

The glacier snout Solheimajokull is the southwestern outlet of the... more

Asolfsskali Church Farm

Asolfsskali is a farm and a church site at the foothills of Mts Eyjafjoll (The... more

Skogafoss Waterfall

About Skogafoss Waterfall Skogafoss is 60 m high and counted among the most... more

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

About Seljalandfoss Waterfall This waterfall is about 60 m high and it is... more

Seljaland Caves

There are many man made caves in the Southwestern Lowlands Behind the ruins of... more

Eyvindarmuli Church Farm

About Eyvindarmuli Farm Eyvindarmuli in Fljotshlid County was a church site ... more

Thrihyrningur Mountain

About Thrihyrningur The mountain „Thrihyrningur“ towers over... more

Einhyrningur Mountain

About Einhyrningur Mt Einhyrningur (750m) is located between the small... more

Kirkjubaer Church Farm

About Kirkjubaer The estate Eastern and Western Kirkjubaer (Church Farm) is... more

Thingskalar Parlament Site

About Thingskalar Thingskalar is an ancient place of the assembly of the... more

Stora Hof Farm

About Stora Hof This estate is located near River Eastern Ranga in District... more

Leirubakki Farm

Leirubakki is an old farm site occupied since soon after the first years of the... more

Gunnarsholt Farm

About Gunnarsholt Gunnarsholt was named after Gunnar Baugson, grandfather... more

Keldur Church Farm

About Keldur Keldur is a farm and a church site in the Rangarvellir County... more

Oddi Church Farm

About Oddi Oddi was a manor and a parsonage as well as one of the most... more

Bergthorshvoll Farm

About Bergthorshvoll Farm Bergthorshvoll is also the domicile of a Lutheran... more

Hlidarendi Farm

Hlidarendi is a farm and a church site in the Fljotshlid County Catholic... more

Thjorsa River

About Thjorsa The Book of Settlements explains the denomination of the river:... more

Gaulverjabaer South – Farm

Gaulverjabaer is a farm hamlet, church site and a former parsonage in the Floi... more

Floi Nature Reserve

About Floi Nature Reserve This nature reserve covers a part of the eastern... more

Strandar church

This church belongs to the Thorlakshofn benefice in the Arnes deanery It is the... more


About Thuridarbud Thuridarbud is a replica of the former fishermen’s... more

Reykir Hveragerdi

About Reykir Hveragerdi This former manor is situated at the foot of Mt... more

Hellisheidi Power Plant

Hellisheidi Power Plant This power plant is situated at the foot of Mt... more


The former farm Kolvidarholl at the foot of the Hellisskard Pass was a popular... more


About Kaldadarnes Kaldadarnes was and still is a large estate just east of... more


About Ingolfsfjall Mt Ingolfsfjall (551m) is a steep sloped hyaloclastite... more


About Arnarbaeli Farm Arnarbaeli is really a part of a farm hamlet named The... more


Thykkvibaer This is a cluster of farms situated on the highest lying ground of... more

Hiking in Reykjafjordur Nyrdri

Mt Geirolfsgnupur is a challenge on a fine day The view from up there is... more

Camping in Reykjarfjordur

A good, private run campsite is located in Reykjarfjordur Service on... more

Hiking in Lonafjordur

An old route lie from Cove Midkjos through the Snoka Pass to Valley... more

Camping in Lonafjordur

There is a campsite free of charge in... more

Hiking in Hrafnfjordur

A hiking trail across the Skorarheidi Moorland to the Furufiord Bay lies along... more

Hiking in Hloduvik

The hiking trail between the coves Hloduvik and Haelavik crosses the very steep... more

Camping in Hloduvik

There is a campsite in Hloduvik free of... more

Hiking in Hesteyri

From Hesteyri over the Kjaransvik Pass The route lies along the edge of... more

Camping in Hesteyri

Nowadays travellers in the area during summer are offered board and lodgings... more

Hiking in Fljotavik

Hiking in Fljotavik This abandoned part of the country is among the most... more

Camping in Furufjordur

There is a campsite free of charge in... more

Hiking routes in Bolungarvik in Hornstrandir

Above the abandoned farm Bolungarvikursel is a route through the... more

Camping in Bolungarvik

The campsite is very visible when driving into the town and located next to a... more

Camping in Holmavik

The campsite is located by the swimming pool, within walking distance of a... more

Camping in Drangsnes

The campsite is close to grocery stores, swimming pool and a restaurant It is... more

Camping in Gjogur and Djupavik

Camping in Gjogur Finnbogastadir Arneshreppurk 510 Holmavik Telephone: +354... more

Camping in Hornstrandir

The Icelandic Travel Association (ITA) operates a camping site at the... more

Camping in Bordeyri

The campsite is in a flat area, located by the seaside Opening Hours: 1st of... more

Camping in Talknafjordur

The campsite is in the center of the town, next to the swimming pool Opening... more

Camping in Sudureyri

The campsite is located close to service and activities, for example a swimming... more

Camping in Sudavik

The campsite is located by a community center, overlooking mount Kofra in the... more

Camping in Reykholar, Bjarkarlundur

Reykholar Campsite The campsite is located by the natural hot spring... more

Camping in Patreksfjordur

The campsite is visible when entering the town and is located next to a... more

Camping in Jokulfirdir

Contact Information: Hrannargata 8 400 Isafjordur Email:... more

Camping in Isafjordur

The campsite is about 4 kilometers from the Ísafjörður town center The area... more

Camping in Flateyri

The campsite is located right below the avalanche protection wall The inner... more

Camping in Flatey

One of the farms, about 300 meters from the pier, offers camping Contact... more

Camping in Flokalundur

The campsite is in Vatnsfjordur on the south side of the Westfjords, about 6... more

Camping in Breidavik

The campsite is located on the road leading to Latrabjarg, one of the... more

Camping in Bildudalur

The campsite is at the seaside, next to a sports center Opening Hours: 1st of... more

Hiking Tharalatursfjordur

Hiking Tharalatursfjordur A walk along the bay via Tharalatursnes to the... more

Hiking trails in National Park Snaefellsjokull

The main hiking routes in the Nature Reserves are marked Organized walking... more

Camping in Raudasandur

This is the only campsite at Raudasandur, with great view over Latrabjarg... more

Camping in Nupur

The campsite is next to Hotel Nupur in the fjord Dýrafjörður When arriving... more

Hiking in Arnarstapi

The main hiking routes in the Nature Reserves are marked Organized walking... more

Hiking in Hellnar

Hellnar - Arnarstapi The lava field between Arnarstapi and Hellnar, all the way... more

Camping in Hellnar

The campsite Snjofell at Arnarstapi is a large campsite It is located in a... more

Camping in Grundarfjordur

There are three campsites in and around Grundarfjordur Grundarfjörður... more

Camping in Hellissandur

Hellissandur Camping Grounds The campsite is located on the left when arriving... more

Camping in Stykkisholmur

The campsite is situated on the right when you drive into the town, close to... more

Camping in Akranes

There are two campsites in and around Akranes Akranes Camping Grounds This... more

Camping in Borgarnes

The campsite in Borgarnes is located next to highway number 1 on the way north... more

Hiking in Bifrost

There are interesting hiking trails all over the area, along the fine salmon... more

Camping in Husafell

The camping site in the forest in Húsafell has been very popular for many... more

Camping in Budardalur

The campsite is in a grove, on the left side when you're arriving from the... more

Camping Laugar

The campsite is next to Hotel Edda, about 16 kilometers north of Budardalur... more

Camping in Skorradalur

The campsite is next to Skorradalsvatn lake, great spot for nature... more

Camping in Arnes

The campsite is close to Kalfa river, on a flat area Visitor center Thjorsarver... more

Hiking in Hallmundarhraun

Vidgelmir is among the longest and largest lava caves of the world (1585... more

Camping in Westman Islands

The camp site is located in the valley Herjólfsdalur The area is surrounded by... more

Camping in Vopnafjordur

The campsite is located above the town, with views over the town Opening... more

Camping in Thorsmork

Camping in Thorsmork Volcano Huts Husadalur Thorsmork Tel:... more

Hiking in Thorsmork

Hiking in Thorsmork Mt Valahnukur (458 m) protrudes just west of the... more

Hiking in Thingvellir

The main ancient approaches of the Parliamentary Plains and the first National... more

Camping in Stadarskali

Contact Information: Hrutafjordur 500 Stadur Email:... more

Camping in Skogar

The camp site is by Skógarfoss waterfall, one of the most popular tourist... more

Camping in Skagastrond

The campsite is quiet and sheltered by small cliffs called Holberg Opening... more

Camping in Siglufjordur

The campsite is in the center of town, next to the pier Basic service is within... more

Camping in Seydisfjordur

The campsite is in the center of town, surrounded with trees and divided into... more

Camping in Saudarkrokur

The campsite is next to the swimming pool, within walking distance of grocery... more

Camping in Reykjavik

The only campsite in Reykjavik is located in Laugardalur, about 3 kilometers... more

Camping in Grimsnes

Camping Ground Borg The campsite is family friendly, split into four small... more

Camping in Reydarfjordur

The campsite is next to a small pond at the entrance of the town Opening... more

Camping in Raufarhofn

The campsite is located by the swimming pool Opening Hours: 1st of June -... more

Camping in Olafsfjordur

The campsite is located next to the sports center and a small bond with small... more

Camping in Neskaupstadur

The campsite is family friendly and has a great view over the fjord next to... more

Camping in Myvatn

The campsite is located close to Myvatn Lake Opening Hours: 1st of May - 20th... more

Camping in Mosfellsbaer

There are two campsites in Mosfellsbaer Mosfellsbaer Camping The campsite is... more

Hiking in the Capital Region

There are plenty of hiking trails around Reykjavik, the most popular ones being... more

Camping in Kopasker

Kopasker Camping Ground The campsite is located by the entrance to the... more

Camping in Kirkjubaejarklaustur

The campsite is about 2,5 kilometers from Kirkjubaejarklaustur town The... more


Grindavík is one of the most important fishing towns of Iceland Tourism plays... more


This town is also known as The Town in the Lava Field or The Town of the Elves... more


Hafnir is a fishing hamlet, which was united with two other communities,... more


About Hallormsstadur The Hallormsstadur forest is the largest in the country... more


About Hella This town started developing before the middle of the 20th... more

Camping in Hofn

The campsite is on the left side off the ring road, within short walking... more

Hofn – Hornafjordur

About Hofn in Hornafjordur This community in the Southeast is also called... more

Camping in Hvammstangi

The Kirkjuhvammur camping site in Hvammstangi is situated only 6 kilometers... more

Camping in Husavik

A good campsite in Húsavík with only a short walking distance to the swimming... more

Camping in Hofsos

The camp site is sheltered with trees There is electricity, toilets, shower and... more


About Hofsos Hofsos is a small, friendly village on the eastern shores of the... more


About Husavik Husavik is a town on the eastern shores of The Skjalfandi Bay It... more


About Hvammstangi Village Hvammstangi on the Midfjordur bay is a commercial... more


About Hveragerdi The present horticultural and greenhouse town Hveragerdi... more


About Hvolsvollur The small town Hvolsvollur, one of the few inland located... more


Prior to 1950 the 1˝ km long course of the glacial river Jokulsa was... more

Reykjanesbaer – Keflavik

About Keflavik The town is also known by the name "The Beatles Town" because... more

Keflavik International Airport

  About Keflavík International Airport Keflavik International Airport... more


About Kirkjubaejarklaustur Before the hamlet started developing at... more


About Kopasker This fishing village is situated on the eastern side of the big... more


Kopavogur is a fast growing town and the second largest of the country It has... more


About Laugarvatn A hamlet started developing on Lake Laugarvatn in 1928, when... more


This is an eighteen km long and a 2 km wide bay, accessible by road during... more


This town enjoys thermal activity and quite a few greenhouses have been built... more


Lake Myvatn is the country's fourth largest natural lake It abounds in lake... more


This village on the northern side of bay Nordfjordur became an authorized... more

Njardvik Reykjanesbaer

Njardvik is one of the three united communities called Reykjanesbaer In earlier... more


Olafsfjordur is a town on a synonymous bay, a branch of Eyjafjordur,... more

Olfus County

About Olfus The eastern boundaries of the Olfus county are limited to farm... more


This village has been an authorized trading post since 1836 and fishing, fish... more


The village Budareyri is on the end of the bay Reyðarfjordur It has a natural... more

Grimsnes county

About Grimsnes county The main trades of this county are agriculture, services... more

Reykholt – Biskupstungur

The development of this hamlet started in the first half of the 20th century,... more


Grenivik is a village in the Grytubakki Parish on the eastern shores of the... more


Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland with more than 123,000 inhabitants (2017),... more


Sandgerdi is a fishing and fish processing village on the Reykjanes Peninsula... more

Gullfoss – Geysir

The Golden Waterfalls in the glacial river Hvita count among the world�s... more


About Gardur The village Gardur is situated on the northernmost tip of the... more


The town Gardabaer received its municipal rights in 1976 and has been one of... more


Saudarkrokur is a town on the Skagafjordur bay Fishing and fish processing are... more


Fludir is an inland located hamlet in beautiful surroundings A salmon river,... more


The town Selfoss started developing in 1891, when a suspension bridge was built... more


The village Budir is situated at the end of the bay Faskrudsfjordur The... more


Eskifjordur is a branch of the larger bay Reyðarfjordur, which cuts into the... more


This town is located on the northernmost tip of the capital peninsula... more

Egilsstadir – Fellabaer

About Egilsstadir Egilsstadir is the capital of the East and Fellabaer is a... more


About Djupivogur This village at the head of the bay Berufjord developed... more


Seydisfjordur is a fishing and tourist town It received its municipal rights in... more


Dalvik is a town on a synonimous cove, which branches off Bay Eyjafjordur,... more


This town was called the world capital of the herring fisheries in the sixties... more

Klakkeyjar Islands

About Islands Klakkeyjar Islands Klakkeyjar are just north of Island Hrappsey... more


Skagastrond has been a trading centre since the late 15th century Today it is a... more

Hvitabjarnarey Island

About Hvitabjarnarey The Polar Bear Island rises about 28 m above sea level... more

Islands Hvallatur

About Islands Hvallatur Islands Hvallatur comprise of three, long and parallel... more

Hvallatur Islands

Islands Hvallatur comprise of three, long and parallel groups of islands The... more

Hrappsey Island

About Island Hrappsey This island is just southwest of Island Purkey,... more

Hoskuldsey Island

About Hoskuldsey Island Hoskuldsey is about 450 m long and 150 m wide The farm... more

Hergilsey Island

About Hergilsey The first documented source mentioning this island is the... more

Gvendareyjar Islands

About Gvendareyjar Islands Gvendareyjar are located off the Skogarstrond... more

Fagurey Island

About Fagurey Island Fagurey is relatively flat and vegetated Low cliffs... more

Gjardeyjar Islands

About Gjardeyjar This group of islands is situated to the east of Island... more

Skaftafell National Park

The Southern Part of National Park Vatnajokull The second national park,... more

Ellidaey Island

About Island Ellidaey This is rather a large island to the northwest of the... more


A hamlet has developed at Laugaras, where there is a very active thermal area... more

Brokey Island

About Brokey This is the largest of the islands of the Breidafiord Bay and... more

Bjarneyjar Islands

About Bjarneyjar These islands are the southernmost of the so-called Western... more

Skeid county

Skeid County lies between the rivers Hvita and Thjorsa north of road # 1 in the... more

Bildsey Island

About Island Bildsey This island is to the north-northeast of the town... more

Borgarfjordur Eystri

Bay Borgarfjordur Eystri is the northernmost of the Eastfjords  Large and... more

The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iceland... more


Skogar is the common name for two farms, a school and the open air,... more


The village Blonduos lies on the western and eastern banks of River Blanda, and... more

Solheimar ECO Village

The only hamlet of the Grimsnes County is Solheimar About one third of the... more

Bessastadir County

This county is on the peninsula Alftanes just south of the capital The... more


About Stadarskali Stadarskali is a larger service centre, N1 petrol station, a... more


The name Bakkafjordur applies to both the bay and the village on its eastern... more


This village started developing around a trading post in 1896 It is situated on... more

Stokkseyri – Eyrarbakki

These are two historic villages on the south coast In the past Eyrarbakki was... more

Thingvellir National Park

The Parliamentary Plains are the most important historic site of the country... more


The town Thorlakshofn was named after the patron saint of the country It has... more


This village has been an authorized trading post since 1836 It has a good,... more


Varmahlid is a hamlet on road #1 by the crossroads to Saudarkrokur and Akureyri... more


About Vidigerdi Vidigerdi and Vidihlid are on the main road (#1) in the... more

Vik In Myrdal

This is the southernmost coastal hamlet of the country and the only one without... more


The village Vogar started developing early in the 20th century, when better and... more


The name Vopnafjordur applies to a bay in the northeast and a village on it,... more


Arnes is a synonym for an island in river Thjorsa, a community centre, and a... more


The fourth largest town of the country is often called "The Capital of the... more


About Hraunfossar The unique and picturesque waterfalls called Hraunfossar... more


About Surtshellir Surtshellir is the longest and most renowned cave in Iceland... more


About Skorradalur Valley Skorradalur is the southernmost of the socalled... more


Reykholt is one of the most important historical places in Iceland and a... more


About Hallmundarhraun Hallmundarhraun is the largest lava field of the... more


Elkem Iceland, the Ferro Alloy Factory started its operation in 1979 The... more


About Glymur This is the highest waterfall of the country, 200 metres (660... more


Farm Gilsbakki is also a church site in County Hvitarsida, District... more


About Geitland Geitland is a relatively barren and sanded lava area between... more


About Deildartunguhver This is probably the most voluminous natural hot spring... more


About Biskupsbrekka The green Biskupsbrekka or Bishop's Slope in the western... more

Borg in Myrar

About Borg in Mýrar The parsonage Borg is situated a short distance northeast... more


About Laugarbrekka Laugarbrekka is an abandoned farm in the Breidavik County... more

Jokulhals Mountain Pass – Snaefellsjokull

Jokulhals Snæfellsjokull The mountain pass Jokulhals touches the eastern edge... more


Holaholar Holaholar is a group of craters on the southwestern Snaefell’s... more


About Gufuskálar Before the farm Gufuskalar was abandoned in 1948, it was the... more


Um Gullborgarhraun During the relatively short eruption 2,600 years ago, the... more


Um Eldborg The crater Eldborg (The Fire Castle) is situated on a short SW-NE... more


Einarslon Einarslon is an abandoned farm to the west of the lighthouse at... more

Djupalon & Dritvik Coves

Djupalon og Dritvik Djupalon is a pebble beach cove with bizarre lava... more

Snaefellsjokull glacier

The Snaefell glacier (1446m) has an area of about 7 km² It covers a cone... more


About Kirkjufell Mt Kirkjufell (463m) is a beautifully shaped and a symmetric,... more


Helgrindur Southwest of the fishing town Grundarfiord is rather a high and... more


The headland Bulandshofdi falls steep into the sea to the east of the fishing... more


A former site of a farm, that was abandoned as early as around the year 1000,... more


The central western peninsula, Snaefellsnes, is one of the most Saga invested... more


About Alftafjordur The Bay of the Whooper Swans is the easternmost one on the... more


Saelingsdalur Valley, District Dalir, is well vegetated and sheltered between... more


Budardalur is a small village at the head of Hvammsfiordur Bay The village is... more


Husafell is in one of Iceland’s few woodlands and is therefore popular among... more


Bifrost is an ideal stopover for travellers in the Borgarfjordur district The... more


The small town Borgarnes and a few neighbouring communities were united under... more


Akranes, with its population of over 6000, ranks among the largest fishing... more

National Park Snaefellsjokull

The Snaefellsjokull National Park was officially established on the 28th of... more


Stykkisholmur town is often called the capital of Snaefellsnes The township has... more


The community Olafsvik developed centuries ago on a sinonymous cove It offers a... more


The village Hellissandur was once a major fishing centre and had approximately... more


The village Grundarfjordur is situated on an exceptionally beautiful bay The... more


Budir, on the southwestern shores of Snaefellsnes, is very popular goal because... more


About Hellnar At Hellnar there is a natural sea port, which was one of the... more


Arnarstapi is a fishing hamlet at the foot of the low Mt Stapafell on the... more


About Veidileysufjordur This bay is about 8 km long towards north and 2 km... more


Haelavikurbjarg Haelavikurbjarg (258 m) is a precipice, occupied by thousands... more


The Bay of Onundur (the settlers name) is about 12 miles (20 km) long and 4... more


About Nupur The ancient manor Nupur is situated on the northern shores of the... more


Haukadalur This valley is carved into the mountains on the southern side of... more


About Tharalatursfjordur This bay is between the peninsulas Furufjardarnupur... more


Skjaldbjarnarvik The northernmost farm of the Strandir District was situated... more

Reykjafjordur Nyrdri

About Reykjafjordur Nyrdri This wide and short bay is situated between the... more


About Lonafjordur This narrow bay is situated between the bays Hrafnfjordur... more


About Hrafnfjordur This bay is at the end of the large Jokulfirdir Bays at the... more

Hloduvik Cove

About Hloduvik Cove Hloduvik is located between Mt Kjalarnupur to the west and... more


This is the westernmost bay of the Jokulfiord Area It is framed with steep... more


About Fljotavík This is a wide cove between the mountains Hvesta and Kogur in... more


About Furufjordur This is a short and a wide bay facing the open ocean on the... more

Bolungarvík in Hornstrandir

About Bolungarvík in Hornstrandir Precipitous mountains and steep screes... more


About Raudasandur The area named Raudasandur derives its name from the reddish... more


About Hvallatur The sheer cliffs of Latrabjarg are about 14 km long and the... more


Hrafnseyri is a farm and a former parsonage on the northern shores of the... more


Trekyllisvik This cove is framed with impressive and precipitous mountains and... more


Holmavik, a village on the western shores of the Steingrimsfjordur bay, has... more


Drangsnes is a hamlet at the head of the Steingrimsfjordur Bay It started... more


Gjogur is an old, renowned fishing hamlet at the mouth of the Reykjafiord bay... more


Bordeyri is an old trading post and now a small commercial centre for farms in... more


Thingeyri is the oldest trading post of the Westfjords Fishing and fish... more


Bay Patreksfjordur branches into two smaller fjords, and Talknafjordur A... more


Sudureyri is a small and friendly village on the south shore of the small... more


About Sudavik Sudavik is said to be a caricature in miniature of the Western... more


The ancient estate Reykholar, was the domicile of a few of the most renowned... more


Patreksfjordur is one of the villages of the Vesturbyggd community, where the... more


Kroksfjardarnes is a peninsula between the bays Kroksfjordur and Gilsfkordur... more


About Jokulfirdir Jokulfirdir, The Glacier Bays, branch out of the larger... more


Isafjordur is the capital of the Westfjords The town is known for its... more


About Hornstrandir The northernmost part of the Westfjords is called... more


Flateyri on the bay Onundarfjordur has been a trading post since 1792 For 12... more


Flatey is the largest of the Western Islands on the Breiðafjordur bay Almost... more

Heydalur – Reykjanes – Vigur

About Heydalur, Reykjanes and Vigur Heydalur is a hotel and a restaurant in... more


Brjanslaekur, an ancient manor and parsonage, is situated at the head of Bay... more


About Breidavík Breidavik is an abandoned farm and was a parsonage in the... more


Bolungarvik, a town on the outer shores of the large bay Isafjardardjup, is one... more


Bildudalur, on the bay Arnarfjordur, was a thriving fishing port and a... more