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Asbjarnarvotn Lakes

These lakes are within the District Skagafjordur They are situated a short... more


Farm Mogilsa is situated at the end of Cove Kollafjordur In the early 20th... more


Ljosavatn is a lake, farm and a church site in Pass Ljosavatnsskard near the... more

Kleifarvatn Lake

About Kleifarvatn Lake Kleifarvatn is the largest lake of the Reykjanes... more

Hvalvatn Lake

About Hvalvatn Lake Lake Hvalvatn has an area of 4,1 km², it reaches a depth... more

Svinavatn Lake

About Svinavatn Lake Lake Svinavatn has an area of 12 km² It is situated 123... more

Apavatn Lake

About Apavatn Lake Lake Apavatn has an area of 14 km² The catch consists of... more

Myvatn Lake

Lake Myvatn has an area of 36,5 km² It is situated 277 m above sea level and... more

Arnarvatnsheidi Moorlands

These moorlands cover a large part of the northwestern interior The lakes there... more


During the period 1929-1933 the Reykjavik Electric Authority (now Municipal... more

Lake Hvitarvatn

About Lake Hvitarvatn Lake Hvitarvatn has an area of 29,4 km² Its greatest... more


About Isholsvatn Lake Isholsvatn has an area of 5,2 km² It is 5 km long, 39 m... more

Gaesavotn Lakes

About Gaesavotn (Geese Lakes) Those two lakes are situated at the western foot... more


This lake is about 20 km long and up to 2 km wide and it extends almost up to... more


About Sigalda This hyaloclastite (moberg) ridge rises 550 m above sea level to... more

Veidivotn Lakes

Veidivotn Lakes This part of the country is among the youngest (1477) and... more

Lake Alftavatn

The Whooper Swan Lake is situated just south of The Middle Route It is quite... more

Floi Nature Reserve

About Floi Nature Reserve This nature reserve covers a part of the eastern... more