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Bruarhlod is the narrow and shallow gorge of the Hvita River about two miles... more

Skaftaros – Skafta River

A general store was built at Skafárós in 1920 while the transportation of... more

Hverfisfljot River

Hverfisfljót is one of the largest glacial rivers in the area and it... more

Djupa River

The Djúpá River in the Fljótshverfi District originates in Síðujökull... more

Jokulsa a Fjollum

About Jokulsa a Fjollum This glacial river, a discharge of the icecap... more

Eyjafjardara River

About Eyjafjardara River This river runs through the long Eyjafjord valley... more

Holsa River

About Holsa River This spring fed river was called Djupa (The Deep River) in... more


About Skjalfandafljot This large volume glacial rivers has some of Iceland’s... more

Olfusa River

About River Olfusa Rivers Hvita and Sog change names after their confluence... more

Jokulsa a Fjollum

About Jokulsa a Fjollum Two ferries were used to serve the travellers, who had... more

Vatnsdalsa River

About Vatnsdalsa The main section is a six rod fishery and the only river with... more


About Stokkalaekur Stokkalaekur is surrounded by beautiful landscapes The... more


Lagarfljot River Lagarfljot is the second largest one in the East, about 85... more


About Isholsvatn Lake Isholsvatn has an area of 5,2 km² It is 5 km long, 39 m... more

Skafta River

Skafta is a mixed glacial and spring fed river Most of the glacial discharge... more

Kudafljot River

The glacial river Kudafljot in south Iceland has a large catchment area Its... more

Markarfljot River

The 1070 km² catchment area of the glacial river Markarfljot has to be forded... more

Thjorsa River

About Thjorsa The Book of Settlements explains the denomination of the river:... more