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Farms Alvidra in the Olfus County and Ondverdarnes in the Grimsnes County were... more


Farm Finnbogastadir is situated on the cove Trekyllisvik in the Strandir... more

Skuggi Hotel

Skuggi Hotel is the perfect choice if you are looking for centrally located... more

Hotel Borg

Dignified and imposing, Hotel Borg overlooks the beautiful square of... more

Centerhotel Klopp

CenterHotel Klopp is right in the city center of Reykjavik, ideally located to... more

Centerhotel Plaza

At hotel Plaza you will find 200 bright and comfortable rooms and a spacious... more

Centerhotel Midgardur

Midgardur is the newest member of the CenterHotels family It is ideally located... more

Centerhotel Thingholt

CenterHotel Thingholt offers 52 beautifully decorated rooms, a restaurant, SPA,... more

Centerhotel Skjaldbreidur

CenterHotel Skjaldbreid is located on Laugavegur, one of the oldest shopping... more

Centerhotel Arnarhvoll

CenterHotel Arnarhvoll is located by the shore opposite the Harpa Reykjavik... more

Guesthouse Gardur

Guesthouse Gardur is a family-run 6 apartments guesthouses, located on... more

Hotel Vogar

Contact information Stapavegur 7, 190 Vogar +354 866... more

Borg Guesthouse

Guesthouse Borg is in the center of Grindavik on the coner of Vikurbraut and... more

Geo Hotel Grindavik

Geo Hotel is a new hotel in Grindavík village about 20 km from the Keflavik... more

Alex Guesthouse

Contact information Aðalgata 60, 230 Keflavík Phone: +354 421 2800 E-mail:... more

Hotel Keilir

The hotel’s location on the main street, Hafnargata, provides easy access to... more

Guesthouse Keflavik

If managing your budget while traveling is important, Guesthouse Keflavik... more

Hotel Keflavik

Hotel Keflavik is positioned on the doorstep of Reykjanes' Peninsula... more

HEY ICELAND – Icelandic Farm Holidays

Hey Iceland (The Icelandic Farm Holidays) offers a wide range of self-drive... more

Alftavatn Restaurant – Volcano Huts

The Volcano Huts have now opened a restaurant by the Alftavatn lake on the... more

Thorsmork Mountain Huts

Accommodation in Mountain Huts during your stay in Thorsmork are available by... more

Camping Site Leirubakki

Leirubakki has an excellent campsite with perfect sanitary facilities and a... more

Arhus Camping – Hella

Arhus is located on road 1 the ring road 100 km east of Reykjavik Arhus is in... more

Holaskogur Mountain Hut

Hólaskógur is a cozy cabin hostel in south Iceland, approximately 130km from... more

Alfaskeid Camping

The camp site at Alfaskeid is located in a beautiful valley some 10 kilometers... more

Fludir Camping Ground

  Camping at Fludir The Camping site is located at the river banks of... more

Camping in Akureyri

The camping site in Akureyri is located centrally in the town, close by the... more

Hamrar Camping

Hamrar is a peaceful campground by the forest kjarnaskógur, at the southern... more

Heidaras Cottages

Contact Information Heiðarás 801... more

Birkikinn Holiday Home

Contact Information Birkikinn 801... more

Sacred Seed

Contact Information Eyrarbraut 11 801 Selfoss 778-9052,... more

Galtalaekur 2

Contact Information Galtalækur 2 851 Hella 861-6528,... more

Jadar II

Contact Information Jaðar 2 845... more


Contact Information Árbakki 47 851 Hella 562-0032,... more

North Star Cottage

Contact Information Lambafell 861... more

Waterfowl Hunters of Iceland

Contact Information Syðri-Steinsmýri 880... more


Contact Information Strýta 816 Ölfus 892-0344,... more


Contact Information Nefsholt 851 Hella 487-6514,... more

Oldubyggd 13

Contact Information Öldubyggð 13 801... more


Contact Information Öræfi 785... more


Contact Information Þjóðólfshagi 6 851 Hella 894-0835,... more


Contact Information Barkarstaðakot 861... more


Contact Information Klettholt 801 Selfoss 892-1340,... more


Contact Information V- Eyjafjöllum 861 Hvolsvöllur 487-8989,... more


Contact Information Ásabraut 40 801... more


Contact Information Biskupstungur 801... more

Alftavatn 1a

Contact Information Álftavatn 1a 801... more


Contact Information Vonarland 825... more

Reynivellir II

Contact Information Reynivellir 2 781 Höfn í Hornafirði 846-0641,... more


Contact Information Brimstaðir 801... more


Contact Information Miðhús 1 801... more


Contact Information Austurbyggð 3 801... more

South Central

Contact Information Blesastaðir 3 801 Selfoss 663-4666,... more

Blue View Cabins

Contact Information Eiríksbraut 4 801 Selfoss 665-8928,... more

Mosas 3 Cottages

Contact Information Holtabyggð 110 845... more

Minniborgir Cottages

Contact Information Grímsnes 801 Selfoss 486-1500,... more

Helludalur 2

Contact Information Helludalur 2 801... more

Arabær Holiday home

Contact Information Arabær, Háfur 801 Selfoss 487-5818,... more

Unastadir Cottage

Contact Information Unastaðir í landi Reynifells lóð F-2 851... more

Eldhraun Holiday Home

Contact Information Syðri-Steinsmýri 880... more

Marta House

Contact Information Jaðar 800 Selfoss 898-9117,... more


Contact Information Álftavík 801... more

Stafafell Travel Service

Contact Information Lón 781 Höfn í... more

Guesthouse Gordum

Contact Information Garðar 871 Vík 487-1260,... more


Contact Information Fossnes 801 Selfoss 486-6079,... more

Fishing Lodge at Eystri Ranga

Contact Information Eystri Rangá 861 Hvolsvöllur 531-6100,... more

Uxahryggur – Cottage

Contact Information Uxahryggur 851... more


Contact Information Hrafnagil 816... more

Vestri Petursey II

Contact Information Mýrdal 871 Vík 487-1307, 893-9907,... more

Trophy Lodge

Contact Information Vörðuás 9 801... more


Contact Information Vonarland 825... more

Hotel Fljotshlid

Contact Information Telephone: +354 487 1416 Fax: +354 487... more


Contact... more


Contact... more


Contact... more


Contact... more


Contact... more


Contact... more


Contact... more

Forsaeti 3

Contact... more


Contact... more

Camping in Sandgerdi

The campsite has all necessities that a traveler needs, the service house has... more

Camping in Grenivik

The camp site at Grenivík was all renewed in 2011 and there is now a new... more

Camping at Selfoss

Guesthus Selfoss Camping Camping and Bungalows in the center of Selfoss... more

Laugafell Highland Route

The mountains Laugafell and Laugafellshnjukur (892 and 987 m) are situated... more

Lonsa Camping

The Lónsá campsite was opened in August 2015, and is located north of... more

Husabakki Camping

Husabakki is located in Svarfaðardalur 5 km from the town of Dalvík and... more

Heidarbaer Camping

The campsite at Heiðarbær is located between the town of Húsavik and Lake... more

Fjalladyrd Camping

The Fjalladýrð tourist service in Möðrudalur valley is located mid-way... more

Camping in Thingeyri

Þingeyri is a small town with a great history The inhabitants of Þingeyri... more

Varmaland Camping

The Varmaland camping site is situated at the outskirts of the municipality of... more

Hotel Selfoss

About Hotel Selfoss Hótel Selfoss A stone´s throw from Reykjavik and a... more

Svinarnes hut, Hruna

The Svinarnes hut is located on River Svina, north of Mt Burfell, in the centre... more

Heimaey Island

About Vestmannaeyjar The Westman Islands, "The Pearl in The Ocean", is an... more

ATA – The Akureyri Touring Association

About The Akureyri Touring Association The club’s mountain huts are in... more

Utivist Travel Association

About Utivist Travel Association Útivist is a travel association, which goal... more

ITA – The Iceland Touring Association (Ferdafelag Islands)

About ITA - The Iceland Touring Association The aim of The Iceland Touring... more

Highland Center Hrauneyjar

About Highland Center Hrauneyjar The Highland Center Hrauneyjar offers... more

Veidivotn huts and camping

A camping site and WCs are in the immediate vicinity of the huts The summer... more

Hotel Kidagil

About Hotel Kidagil Last stop before Sprengisand route Rates Summer 1506-... more

IGS Mountain Hut Breida

The Iceland Glaciological Society (IGS) Breida Mountain Hut and garage were... more

ITA Mountain Huts Nyidalur / Jokuldalur

The Iceland Touring Association's (ITA) huts are located at about 800 metres... more

TCS Mountain Hut Hildarsel

The Travel Club Skagafjordur (TCS) Mountain hut Hildarsel is positioned 340m... more

Heydalur Hotel

About Heydalur Hotel Heydalur is a hotel and a restaurant in uniquely... more

Camping in Hvolsvollur

Hvolsvöllur is located on highway no 1 The camp site is at the entrance to the... more

Camping in Thakgil

Þakgil is located between Höfðabrekkuafrétti and Mýrdalssandur The name... more

Camping in Vik

The Vík camping site is in close proximity to the Vík village On the site we... more

Hiking Trails Kverkfjoll and Hvannalindir

Hiking Trail Suggestions 1 Hut Sigurdarskali - Ice Cave The distance from the... more

Camping in Eldborg

The camp site next to Hotel Eldborg is about 50 km away from the town... more

Camping in Blonduos

Gladheimar runs the camping area in Blonduos, as well as 20 well equipped... more

Camping in Varmahlid

The campsite in Varmahlid is a family friendly are with lots of activities all... more

Camping in Dalvik

When arriving from Akureyri, the campsite is by the southern entrance in to the... more

Camping in Asbyrgi

The national park is open to guests all year round A campsite for tents,... more

Camping in Thorshofn

The campsite is high in the village in an extremely peaceful location, with all... more

Camping in Eskifjordur

The campsite is located close to the entrance to the village of Eskifjörður,... more

Camping in Faskrudsfjordur

This campsite is by a small pond in the top of Faskrudsfjordur village The... more

Camping in Stodvarfjordur

The campsite is located in the eastern side of Stodvafjordur village It's right... more

Camping in Breiddalsvik

Situated behind Hotel Blafell, next to the playground is where you will find... more

Camping in Djupivogur

The campsite is in the middle of Djupivogur town, serviced by Hotel Framtíð... more

Hallormstadur Camping – Atlavik

Around the campsite are about 40 kilometers of marked walking paths, as well as... more

Camping in Egilsstadir

In the town of Egilsstadir are two camping grounds - one in Kaupvangur and the... more

Camping in Borgarfjordur Eystri

Campsite with good facilities for camping vehicles Cooking facilities with... more

Godafoss Camping

Guesthouse Fosshóll is located by the Goðafoss gulley only 500 meters away... more

Camping in Kirkjubaer II

The camping is situated in the village of Kirkjubæjarklaustur It offers good... more

Faxi Waterfall – Camping

The campsite by the waterfall Faxa is on the riverside of the Tungufljot river,... more

Svinafell Camping

Svinafell Camping offer two types of camping: First, there are 8 camping areas... more

Skaftafell Camping

The campground office is located next to the entrance gate Visitors should... more

Geysir Camping

The campsite is within walking distance from the hot spring area and the great... more

Camping in Hafnarfjordur

The campsite is close to all services, shopping and many tourist attractions... more

Camping in Hveragerdi

The campsite is close to the center of the village, within walking distance of... more

Camping in Thorlakshofn

The campsite is located next to the sports center and the church of... more

Camping in Vogar

The campsite is close to the sports center, located on a grass field that used... more

Camping in Grindavik

In the camping site you have 13500 sqmeter area to park your tent, trailer or... more

Utivist Alftavotn hut

About Alftavotn hut Members of the Touring Association Utivist restored the... more

IGS Mountain Hut Esjufjallaskali hut

The Iceland Glaciological Society (IGS) Mountain Hut Esjufjallaskali is located... more

Utivist Mountain Hut Strutur

Mountain hut Strutur was built to accommodate 26 people in 2002 Its access... more

Leppistungur Hut, Hruna

The Leppistungur hut was built in 1987 on River Kerlingaa in the upper part of... more

Helgaskali Mountain hut

Mountain hut Helgaskali is on the so-called Line-Track between Valleys... more

ITA Thjofadalir hut, Kjolur

The Icelandic Touring Association´s (ITA) small hut in valleys Thjofadalir was... more

ITA Thverbrekknamuli hut, Kjolur

The Thverbrekknamuli hut is situated southeast of Mt Hrutfell, near river... more

ITA Hvitarnes hut, Kjolur

The Hvitarnes hut was the first to be built by the Iceland Touring Association... more

Gislaskali in Svartarbotnar, Kjolur

Gislaskali in Svartárbotnar is the last hut on the southern part of Kjölur... more

Uthlid Camping

This is a relatively large campsite with a swimming pool, restaurant, golf... more

Arbudir hut, Kjolur

Arbudir is another hut in Kjölur and the second hut if going from south of to... more

Fremstaver Hut

Fremstaver is a hut in Kjölur one of the main highland roads connecting south... more

Hotel Sanda, Blaskogabyggd

Hotel Sanda mountain hut on river Sanda at the southernmost end of the Kjolur... more

ITA Hagavatn hut, Jarlhettur Langjokull

Icelandic Touring Association (ITA) Mountain hut Hagavatn was built in 1942 It... more

Laugarvatn Camping

This campsite is quite big, with basic service close by like a grocery store... more

ITA Nordurfjordur hut – Valgeirsstadir

The Icelandic Touring Association (ITA) Nordurfjordur hut is called... more

ITA Mounatin Hut Hloduvellir

The Hloduvellir hut is the property of the Iceland Touring Association and... more

ATA Mountain hut Botni

The Akureyri Touring Association (ATA) Mountain hut Botni is located at about... more

ATA Mountain Hut Braedrafell

Please Note: This Hut is Locked  Contact ATA for Keys The Akureyri Touring... more

ATA Mountain huts Dreki, Dyngjufjoll

The Akureyri Touring Association (ATA) Mountain huts Dreki is located at the... more

ATA Mountan hut Thorsteinsskali, Herdubreidarlindir

The Akureyi Touring Association (ATA) Mountain hut Thorsteinsskali was built... more

ATA Mountain hut Dyngjufell

The Akureyri Touring Association (ATA) Mountain hut Dyngjufell is located at... more

ATA Mountain hut Lambi, Glerardalur

The mountain hut Lambi in valley Glerardalur was built in 1975 and accommodates... more

ATA huts Laugarfell, Eyjafjardardalur

The Akureyri Touring Association (ATA) Mountain hut Laugafell hut was built in... more

TCS Mountain hut Ingolfskali, Lambahrauni

Mountain hut Ingolfsskali was built in 1978 It is located in Lambahraun, north... more

TCS Mountain hut Trolli, Gonguskord

Touring Club Skagafjordur (TCS) Mountain hut Trolli (370m) is located near... more

TCS Mountain hut Thufnavellir, Vididalur

Touring Club Skagafjordur (TCS) Mountain hut Thufnavellir is located in valley... more

Holaskjol Mountain Hut

Holaskjol, sheltered by Mounds Lambaskardsholar, offers mountain hut... more

Utivist Mountain Hut Skaelingar

Touring Association Utivist restored a decayed farmers' sheep roundup shelter... more

Utivist Mountain Hut Sveinstindur

The Sveinstindur mountain hut is located southeast of Mt Sveinstindur The... more

ITA Mountain Hut – Baldvinsskali

Baldvinsskali is located at Fimmvorduhals, one of the most popular hiking... more

FTC Hut Breidavik, Breidavik Austfjords

Mountain hut Breidavik is located on a synonymous cove in the Eastfjords It is... more

FTC Husavikurskali, Austfjordum

Mountain hut Husavikurskali is on a synonymous cove in the Eastfjords It was... more

FTC Egilssel hut, Lonsoraefi

Mountain hut Egilssel is locate in the Lonsoraefi Area It is solely used by... more

FTC Hut Geldingarfell

Mountain hut Geldingafell is located at the foot of Mt Geldingafell and is... more

Mountain Hut Sigurdarskali, Kverkfjoll

Mountain hut Sigurdarskali is open the whole year round and accommodates 75-85... more

FTC Snaefellskali Hut, Snaefell

Mountain hut Snaefellsskali is located at the foot of the highest free-standing... more

Hut Breida, Jokulsarlon

The Breida hut and garage were built in 1951 The houses are located 23 metres... more

IGS Hut Esjufjoll, Breidamerkurjokull

The hut is located on the nunatak Esjufjoll at 701 metres above sea level in... more

IGS Fjallkirkja hut Langjokull

Fjallkirkja was built in 1979 at the foot of a synonymous nunatak on glacier... more

IGS Grimsvotn Mountain Huts

The first hut, Grimsfjall I, the measurement equipment installation, and the... more

IGS Jokulheimar Mountain Hut

The first hut was built in 1955, the garage in 1958, the fuel storage house in... more

Utivist Mountain Hut – Fimmvorduhals

The Touring Association Utivist restored the decayed, former "Mountainmen's"... more

IGS Kverkfjoll Mountain Hut

Mountain hut Kverkfjallaskali was built in 1977 to accommodate 6-12 people It... more

Utivist Basar Mountain Huts in Thorsmork

Soon after the Touring Association Utivist was founded, its members started... more

Hottur Mountain Hut Drekafjoll, Dyngjufjoll

This mountain hut is the property of and operated by Myvatn Tours It... more

ITA Mountain Hut Skagafjordsskali Langidalur Thorsmork

Mountain hut Skagfjordsskali is located on a flat area at the mouth of Valley... more

Mulaskali, Lonsoraefi

Mountain hut Mulaskali was built in 1984 just south of Kollumuli It... more

Volcano Huts – Husadalur Thorsmork

About Volcano Huts Thorsmork The Volcano Huts are located in the Thorsmork... more

IGS Godahnjukar hut

Mountain hut Godahnukar was built in 1979 for 6-12 persons at 1,498 metres... more

ITA Mountain Huts Botnar in Emstrur

About Botnar The Iceland Touring Association huts Botnar on river South... more

Camping in Kidagil

The campsite is about 23 kilometers from the ring road, and around 20... more

Alftavatn Hut – Restaurant

Alftavatn Restaurant – Volcano Huts Region: Highland Coordinates: 6385° N... more

ITA Hornbjarg Hut, Hornstrandir

About Hornbjarg Hut and CampingThe ITA has taken over the operation of the... more

ITA Mountain Huts at Lake Alftavatn

The mountain huts of the Iceland Touring Association on lake Alftavatn on the... more

ITA Hrafntinnusker Mountain Hut

About Hrafntinnusker Mountain Hut The ITA hut on Mt Hrafntinnusker,... more

Utivist Mountain Hut – Dalakofinn

The Dalakofinn hut is located in the majestic landscapes just north of Mt... more

Afangagil Mountain Hut

The mountain hut Afangagil is situated on the edge of one of Iceland's most... more

Rjupnavellir Cottages

Rjúpnavellir in Landsveit is a small and comfortable resort in south of... more

Landmannahellir Cottages

About Landmannahellir Cottages Accommodation on the Domadalur... more

ITA Mountain Huts in Landmannalaugar

The Iceland Touring Association first built a hut in Landmannalaugar in 1951,... more


Hvanngil The new Hvanngil Hut offers sleeping bag accommodations for 60 people... more

ITA Hvanngil Hut

The new Hvanngil Hut offers sleeping bag accommodations for 60 people in four... more


About Kidagil This gorge represents the northern boundary of the Sprengisandur... more

Leirubakki Farm

Leirubakki is an old farm site occupied since soon after the first years of the... more

Camping in Reykjarfjordur

A good, private run campsite is located in Reykjarfjordur Service on... more

Camping in Lonafjordur

There is a campsite free of charge in... more

Camping in Hloduvik

There is a campsite in Hloduvik free of... more

Camping in Hesteyri

Nowadays travellers in the area during summer are offered board and lodgings... more

Camping in Furufjordur

There is a campsite free of charge in... more

Camping in Bolungarvik

The campsite is very visible when driving into the town and located next to a... more

Camping in Holmavik

The campsite is located by the swimming pool, within walking distance of a... more

Camping in Drangsnes

The campsite is close to grocery stores, swimming pool and a restaurant It is... more

Camping in Gjogur and Djupavik

Camping in Gjogur Finnbogastadir Arneshreppurk 510 Holmavik Telephone: +354... more

Camping in Hornstrandir

The Icelandic Travel Association (ITA) operates a camping site at the... more

Camping in Bordeyri

The campsite is in a flat area, located by the seaside Opening Hours: 1st of... more

Camping in Talknafjordur

The campsite is in the center of the town, next to the swimming pool Opening... more

Camping in Sudureyri

The campsite is located close to service and activities, for example a swimming... more

Camping in Sudavik

The campsite is located by a community center, overlooking mount Kofra in the... more

Camping in Reykholar, Bjarkarlundur

Reykholar Campsite The campsite is located by the natural hot spring... more

Camping in Patreksfjordur

The campsite is visible when entering the town and is located next to a... more

Camping in Jokulfirdir

Contact Information: Hrannargata 8 400 Isafjordur Email:... more

Camping in Isafjordur

The campsite is about 4 kilometers from the Ísafjörður town center The area... more

Camping in Flateyri

The campsite is located right below the avalanche protection wall The inner... more

Camping in Flatey

One of the farms, about 300 meters from the pier, offers camping Contact... more

Camping in Flokalundur

The campsite is in Vatnsfjordur on the south side of the Westfjords, about 6... more

Camping in Breidavik

The campsite is located on the road leading to Latrabjarg, one of the... more

Camping in Bildudalur

The campsite is at the seaside, next to a sports center Opening Hours: 1st of... more

Camping in Raudasandur

This is the only campsite at Raudasandur, with great view over Latrabjarg... more

Camping in Nupur

The campsite is next to Hotel Nupur in the fjord Dýrafjörður When arriving... more

Camping in Hellnar

The campsite Snjofell at Arnarstapi is a large campsite It is located in a... more

Camping in Grundarfjordur

There are three campsites in and around Grundarfjordur Grundarfjörður... more

Camping in Hellissandur

Hellissandur Camping Grounds The campsite is located on the left when arriving... more

Camping in Stykkisholmur

The campsite is situated on the right when you drive into the town, close to... more

Camping in Akranes

There are two campsites in and around Akranes Akranes Camping Grounds This... more

Camping in Borgarnes

The campsite in Borgarnes is located next to highway number 1 on the way north... more

Camping in Husafell

The camping site in the forest in Húsafell has been very popular for many... more

Camping in Budardalur

The campsite is in a grove, on the left side when you're arriving from the... more

Camping Laugar

The campsite is next to Hotel Edda, about 16 kilometers north of Budardalur... more

Camping in Skorradalur

The campsite is next to Skorradalsvatn lake, great spot for nature... more

Camping in Arnes

The campsite is close to Kalfa river, on a flat area Visitor center Thjorsarver... more

Camping in Westman Islands

The camp site is located in the valley Herjólfsdalur The area is surrounded by... more

Camping in Vopnafjordur

The campsite is located above the town, with views over the town Opening... more

Camping in Thorsmork

Camping in Thorsmork Volcano Huts Husadalur Thorsmork Tel:... more

Camping in Stadarskali

Contact Information: Hrutafjordur 500 Stadur Email:... more

Camping in Skogar

The camp site is by Skógarfoss waterfall, one of the most popular tourist... more

Camping in Skagastrond

The campsite is quiet and sheltered by small cliffs called Holberg Opening... more

Camping in Siglufjordur

The campsite is in the center of town, next to the pier Basic service is within... more

Camping in Seydisfjordur

The campsite is in the center of town, surrounded with trees and divided into... more

Camping in Saudarkrokur

The campsite is next to the swimming pool, within walking distance of grocery... more

Camping in Reykjavik

The only campsite in Reykjavik is located in Laugardalur, about 3 kilometers... more

Camping in Grimsnes

Camping Ground Borg The campsite is family friendly, split into four small... more

Camping in Reydarfjordur

The campsite is next to a small pond at the entrance of the town Opening... more

Camping in Raufarhofn

The campsite is located by the swimming pool Opening Hours: 1st of June -... more

Camping in Olafsfjordur

The campsite is located next to the sports center and a small bond with small... more

Camping in Neskaupstadur

The campsite is family friendly and has a great view over the fjord next to... more

Camping in Myvatn

The campsite is located close to Myvatn Lake Opening Hours: 1st of May - 20th... more

Camping in Mosfellsbaer

There are two campsites in Mosfellsbaer Mosfellsbaer Camping The campsite is... more

Camping in Kopasker

Kopasker Camping Ground The campsite is located by the entrance to the... more

Camping in Kirkjubaejarklaustur

The campsite is about 2,5 kilometers from Kirkjubaejarklaustur town The... more


About Hella This town started developing before the middle of the 20th... more

Camping in Hofn

The campsite is on the left side off the ring road, within short walking... more

Camping in Hvammstangi

The Kirkjuhvammur camping site in Hvammstangi is situated only 6 kilometers... more

Camping in Husavik

A good campsite in Húsavík with only a short walking distance to the swimming... more

Camping in Hofsos

The camp site is sheltered with trees There is electricity, toilets, shower and... more


About Kopasker This fishing village is situated on the eastern side of the big... more


The town Selfoss started developing in 1891, when a suspension bridge was built... more


About Vidigerdi Vidigerdi and Vidihlid are on the main road (#1) in the... more


The name Vopnafjordur applies to a bay in the northeast and a village on it,... more


The community Olafsvik developed centuries ago on a sinonymous cove It offers a... more


Trekyllisvik This cove is framed with impressive and precipitous mountains and... more