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Birds of the South

Westman Islands

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Westman Islands


Westman Islands

Island Surtsey

Geology of the South


The Westman Islands, "The Pearl in The Ocean", is an archipelago of about 15 islands and 20 cliffs. The southernmost island, Surtsey, is the latest addition, created during the longest historic eruption of the country in 1963-1967. The only inhabited island, Heimaey, was struck by an unexpected eruption in 1973 and all the inhabitants had to be evacuated immediately. The Islanders base their livelihood on the fisheries and fish processing and tourism. Their fish processing amounts to about 15% of the export value of fish products of Iceland. Communications between Heimaey and the mainland are good, regular flights to and from the capital, a shuttle service to and from the farm Bakki on the south coast, and a car ferry from Landeyja Harbour on the sout coast. A flight from the capital takes about 20 minutes.

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