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From Reykjavik
5 nights, car for 6 days
Hraunfjarðarvatn - Baularvallavatn  - Hraunfjordur Lagoon

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Day 1. The Stykkisholmur and Grundarfjordur area.
Pick up the car today and head to
Use the day to explore Snaefellsnes.  From Borgarnes drive to Grundarfiord at Snaefellsnes north peninsula
Accommodation in the area for the next 4 nights.

2. Fishing in Lake
Lake Hraunsfjardarvatn is named after the bay Hraunsfiord and is known for its good catch, which consists of brown trout and lake char. It is discharged through river Vatnsa to lake Baularvallavatn. The anglers have to walk for half an hour from lake Selvallavatn to reach it. More paths lead to the lake, such as from the farm Hraunsfiord.
The bait: Fly, spoon and worm.

3. Fishing in Lake
Lake Baularvallavatn has an area of 1,6 km², reaches the depth of 47 m and is situated 193 m above sea level. The farm Baularvellir, near the lake, was abandoned last century. The catch consists of both brown trout and lake charof lake char and brown trout.
The bait: Fly, spoon and worm.

Day 4. Fishing in Hraunfjordur Lagoon
Hraunsfjörður lagoon is located at the Snæfellsnes Peninsula 15 Km. from Grundardjordur.
The road to the lagoon is quite good. It is popular among the anglers and the catch consists of Sea char and sea trout but salmon can be found there as well.
Bait: All bait is allowed: fly, worm and lure.

Day 5. Use the day to explore Snaefellsnes.
Drive From  Grundarfiord to
Olafsvik and Hellissandur/Rif then around the glaiser Snaefellsjokull
National Park to  Hellnar there is a natural sea port, which was one of the largest ones on the peninsula in past centuries. Spectacular and beautiful cliffs rise directly from the ocean. then Arnarstapi is a fishing hamlet to Budir, on the southwestern shores of Snaefellsnes,
Accommodation in
the area

6. Reykjavík
Drive to Reykjavík via crater Eldborg (The Fire Castle) is situated on a short SW-NE fissure, which  probably was most volcanically active 5000-8000 years ago.Then to
Reykholt is one of the most important historical places in Iceland then to Husafell is a very popular summer resort among the natives.
Accommodation in Reykjavík
at hotel or guesthouse by your choice (optional).

5  nights accommodation, rooms with shared or private facilities in farmhouses,  breakfast
Rental car for
6 days - unlimited mileage and CDW.
Fishing, one day in
Hraunfjarðarvatn, one day in Lake Baularvallavatn and one day in Hraunsfjörður lagoon
oad map and suggested itinerary

Accommodation in hotel or guesthouse in Reykjavik.
Single room supplement

Departures: All days, 
May 15th to September 15th.
Price from Ikr.
58.420.- Per peson
4 adults in a car type B)

* Prices can change without notice due to currency fluctuation

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