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Most visitors to Iceland have the common denominator of wanting to enjoy the country's unspoiled nature as much as possible during their stay. But this can be rather strenuous at times, depending on their itinerary. However, it is easy to take a short break between activities and find peace and quiet on a beautiful lake, or catch fish in a nearby river. Having such direct contact with nature provides recovery time that is good for both the body and the soul. Fishing permits are reasonably priced and you can choose from thousands of trout and char fishing lakes and dozens of salmon rivers. Special fishing holidays package fore familys is know available.
Fishing holidays can be relaxing  for families who do things together, or as active as they want them to be.

Fishing Tackle Disinfection: Iceland has always been free of UDN and other freshwater diseases, and maintains a strict disinfection policy towards tackle brought by visiting anglers. Visitors can have their tackle disinfected by local vets, and obtain a certificate to prove the fact, before leaving for Iceland, or have their equipment disinfected by officials on arriving at Keflavík, Akureyri or at Egilsstadir airport.

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