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From Egilsstadir
5 nights, car for 6 days
artic char river
 Jokla II


: The Heradfloi bay is quite wide and constantly growing shorter because of the deposits of the glacial rivers spilling into it. At the end of the bay is a wide and a flat delta area, which is almost completely harbourless. A part of the ever-changing coastline is called "The Whale Sands", where big whales either beach to die or get washed ashore dead.

Day 1. Pick up the car today and head to Fljodsdalur There are a few coves on both sides of it, which offer some shelter for boats, one of which was used as a trading post and for fishing outfits in the past (Skalavik). With improved communications, such as a road to Borgarfiord east, the trading post was abandoned in the early 20th century.
Overnight there for the next 4 nights.

Day 2. Fishing river Jokla II
Jökla II, which tributaries Kaldá, Fögruhlíðará, Laxá and Fossá. the upper reaches, which will continue to be an experimental beat where anglers will fishing cheaply  in exchange for information. We also had some excellent char fishing in this river system which is a great sport on a light tackle
The bait: Fly, spoon and worm.

3.  Fishing river Jokla II

The bait: Fly, spoon and worm.

Day 4. Fishing river Jokla II
The bait: Fly, spoon and worm.

Day 5. Borgarfjordur East
Driving to Bay Borgarfjordur Eystri is the northernmost of the Eastfjords.  Large and very colourful rhyolite intrusions decorate parts of the beautiful mountainous landscape, which is rich in half precious and semi precious stones. It is very tempting for collectors to visit this area, but the local authorities have forbidden stone collecting.
Overnight in the area

Day 6. Egilsstadir
Drive back to Egilsstadir --------
Accommodation in Egilsstadir at hotel or guesthouse by your choice (optional)

5 nights accommodation, rooms with shared or private facilities in farmhouses,  breakfast
Rental car for
6 days - unlimited mileage and CDW.
3 days in Jokla 2
Good road map and suggested itinerary
Accommodation in hotel or guesthouse in Egilsstadir

Single room supplement

Operation July 1st to Septembr 15.

* Prices can change without notice due to currency fluctuation

Price per person - Shared facilites

5 nights, car for 6 days, fishing 3 days

1 adult in a car

2 adults in a car

3 adults in a car

4 adults in a car

5 adults in a car

Child, 2 - 11 years, when sharing a room with 2 adults, extra from ISK. 13.500.-
Private bathroom, extra cost per person from, ISK 9.900.-
Single suppl.
with shared facilities ISK 10.675.-
In a room with private facilities ISK

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