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Baldvinnsskali is located at Fimmvorduhals, one of the most popular hiking routes in the country. The mountain-hut is there to serve growing number of hikers who walk over Fimmvoduhals, but few tracks enjoy similar popularity among outdoor enthusiasts. Thousands walk this trail every year and the signs of the volcanic activity from the eruption in the spring of 2010 are a great attraction.

Baldvinnsskali was rebuilt in 2012 and is intended both as a shelter for those who are going for one day walk from Skogar to Thorsmork, and as a host lodge for those who that prefer. The new hut is A-shaped building; 63 square meters large.

The new hut replaced the old Baldvinnsskala that FI bought from Flugbjörgunarsveitinni of Skogar (the Flight rescue squad) in 2007. The old hut was old and in bad shape. The new one is still named Baldvinnsskali in honor of Baldvinn Sigurdsson, who was the pioneer of building the old hut.

Hut Baldvinsskali
Ikr. 6500.- per persons

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