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Hut Hottur Drekagil

Askja-Dyngjufjoll Botni hut
Braedrafell hut
Dyngjufell hut Herðubreið
Thorstein's hut

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Icelandic immigrants leaving Iceland for USA & Canada
after Askja 1875 eruption


Dreki is located at the southern foot of the mountain massif Dyngjufjoll at the mouth of a synonymous gorge, Drekagil.  The oldest hut was built 1968-1969 and the newer 2003-2004.  The huts accommodate about 50 people.  During summer the huts are attended by a warden.  A camping site is near the huts.  A track for 4wd vehicles connects the huts with the ringroad (#1) via Herdubreidarlindir and continues to Mts Kverkfjoll, via the Gaesavotn Route to Sprengisandur, and via valley Dyngjufjalladalur to valley Bardardalur.  A hiking train leads to the Braedrafell hut.
GPS co-ordinates: 
65°02.520 - 16°35.720
Source:  The ATA website.
462-2720 6

After the establishment of Europe's largest national park, Vatnajokull, on June 7th, 2008, Drekagil became one of the centres for the NP wardens.

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