Golf Club Grindavik,

Golf Course Husatoftavollur
240 Grindavik
Tel.: 426-8720
Fax:  426-8708
13 holes, par 35

Flag of Iceland
In Icelandic

Golf Club Grindavik was founded on the 14th of May 1981.
Husatoftavollur is a 13 hole golf course situated 4 km from the Blue Lagoon on the Reykjanes peninsula. The golf course offers vast diversity in scenery where the American plate and the Eurasian plate meet.  The first five holes stretch along the coastline and the other eight are above the highway where they slither into the lava which surrounds the fairways and greens.  At last the five holes along the coast are played again to finish the 18 holes.
The golf course is therefore full of contrasts with a part of it representing a typical links course and the other part an enticing lava course.
The golf course is rather easy to walk even though it is beautifully built into the hilly landscape with a breathtaking view. Husatoftavollur offers memorable experience for all high handicap and low handicap golfers in relaxing surroundings.

Grindavík is one of the most important fishing ports of Iceland. Tourism plays an increasing role and commerce and light industry thrive well.  Grindavik boasts of the small park Solarve near the swimming pool.  It was built in an ancient fashion and is dedicated to the old culture.  Algerian buccaneers came robbing and plundering in 1627.  Just a century (1652) before the Icelanders, Danes and Germans united against the English, who were driven away after a bloody battle

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