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Diet is one of the fundamentals of an enjoyable trip. It is necessary to pay close attention to the type of food one should consume on a trip and it is also necessary to realize what food is consumed at different times of the day. The vast difference is between what is eaten in the morning and consumed in the evening at the end of a walk.

In the morning it is good to eat foods that are rich in carbohydrates, such as grains and fruits. It is also advisable to consume high protein food, protein derived from meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. Sample of breakfast is buttermilk with 100-150 g musli or porridge, Crisp bread with butter and cheese and also good to drink tea or coffee.

The lunch is good eating flat bread or whole grain bread with spam or cheese, hot cup soup and high energy snacks afterwards.

In the evening is good to eat high-fat foods, because your body has enough time to digest the food. It’s popular to use freeze-dried food that is available in outdoor stores. This food is rather expensive; so instead one can also use pasta and sauce, which often can be refined with cream / cream cheese. After dinner, it is good to heat water for hot chocolate and eating cookies or chocolate with it.

Snacks during the day:
It is good to have some snacks to take in during the day, such as dried fish, raisins, dried fruits, nuts, chocolate or cookies.

It is necessary to have plenty of water to drink during the day. If you known of streams near the paths, then is not necessary to carry all the water from the start, but you can fill a water container the streams. Make sure to drink steadily throughout the day.
It is necessary to have a separate hot water dispensers, especially if weather is cold and bleak. Cocoa is a very good heat source, or you can have a coffee, tea or cup soups.
Make sure you eat a enough food the night before walking!

Day trip:
Below is a list which may be a good checking list for what is good to bring for day trips and how is good to prepare for the trip:
• Backpack 30-35 liters
• Cold water in container / water bag
• Hot water / cocoa / tea / coffee in dispensers
• high energy snacks
• Snacks, such as nuts / raisins
• Sunscreen and lip balm
• Sunglasses
• Mosquito nets
• Hiking Pants Synthetic, not jeans
• T-shirt / sweater / Soft Shell Jacket – none made of cotton
• Walking socks, often thin (Line) under and the thick on the outside
• Soft / semi rigid hiking boots, water resistant that give good support to the ankles
• Extra shoelaces
• Leggings, if the expected wet conditions or snow
• Rain jacket and pants
• Hat and Mittens

True Hikers only leave their footprints behind, and only take memories!

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