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1. Borgarfjordur - Brunavik across Brunavik Pass (400m)
2 hours. 4,5 kilometres.

Rather a light hike, but somewhat steep in places downhill to the cove.  The trail is prominent and old, and leads through grassy patches and gravel areas.  In earlier times this was the main path to Brunavik.

The starting point is the TV-transmitter on top of the cliff Hamar.  This route offers excellent views over the Borgarfjordur area.

2. Borgarfjordur - Brunavik across  pass Hofstrandarskard (321m)

3 hours. 7,3 kilometres
A light hike on a rough jeep track across the pass, and grassy and wet areas closer to the cove

The starting point is Holahorn on the main road at beach Hofstrandarsandur.  A part of the trail is a very rough jeep track.  A very colourful rhyolite gully, Helgargil, to the left.

On the other side of the pass, it is possible to take a shortcut following the brook on the left hand side of the track, which continues to gully Brotagil, where the trail splits.  The left trail continues to the cove and the right trail to pass Suluskard.  Be careful in the boggy area down by the cove, and some of the markers might not be where you expect them, because they sometimes get eaten by the horses.

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