4. Brunavik - Breidavik via pass Suluskard
3,5–4,5 hours.
Rather an easy walk.  The estuary of river Brunavikura has to be forded before the trail continues over grassy and gravel patches.  Then mt. pass Suluskard has to be crossed (359m) and Fremravarp (450m).

The sandy beach of the Brunavik cove and the rhyolite cliffs further up the shoreline are considered as special natural phenomena.  A walk along the beach is worthwhile.  Then the trail continues along a brook runnin through the middle of the beach.

4a. Brunavik
0,5 hours
An easy connecting trail between trails 2 and 4.  It passes through vegetated and gravel patches.  Near gully Brotagil is a pedestrian bridge across river Brunavikura

1-4.  Borgarfjordur - Breidavik via passes Brunavikurskard and Suluskard.
6-7 hours. 14 kilometres.
See descriptions of trails 1-4..

5. Pass Suluskard - headland Glettingsnes
1,5–2 hours
Rather a strenuous walk through rough screes along cove Hvalvik and steep, grassy slope descent, slippery when wet, to headland Glettingsnes.  In the first half of the 20th century, poles and steel wire were placed as support for hikers up the gully Gja.  The poles are still there, but the wire is gone.  This route requires physical fitness and hikers, who do not suffer from vertigo.

6. Þrandarhryggur - Kjolsvik via pass Kjolsvikurskard
2,5–3 hours
Rather an easy walk on gravel and vegetated land.  It starts branches off trail 3 on ridge Þrandarhryggur, and continues across pass Kjolsvikurskard (425m) to the old farmstead.  The ascent of the pass is steep, but the descent is gradual toward the cove.

The crossroads are on the gravel patch Kjolsvikurmelar.  From there hikers make their way across Hallid (the steep slope) to Hauhlaup (the high leaps) and Laguhlaup (the low leaps).  The old Kjolsvik farm hides down by the sea at the foot of the steep screes of mt. Glettingur.  A walk down to the coast from the farmstead is worthwhile.  From there you can see the lighthouse on headland Glettingsnes.  In earlier times, it was possible to walk from there at low tide all the way to the lighthouse, but nowadays rock slides and the sea close the way.

6a. Kjolsvik - Kjolsvikurvarp
½ hour.
This is a connecting trail from route 6 to cove Kjolsvik.  Parts of the slopes are very steep, but the sheep paths there are pretty safe.

Sometimes hikers, who spend two nights in Breidavik walk to the north across mt. Glettingur to cove Kjolsvik.  This is the easiest route back from cove Kjolsvik to Breidavik.

Hikers, who want to climb mt. Glettingskollur, find it easiest from route 4 from Kjolsvikurvarp, down Svardamelur, straight up across Hauhlaup to pass Vididalsskard and up the cliffs outside the pass.  On their way back, some chose the ridge to the right of valley Glettingsdalur, where there is a safe sheep path all the way down the steep slope.  The route to the top of mt. Glettingur is not marked, but the view from up there is excellent on a fine day.


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