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Hiking trails in Iceland

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Borgarfjordur - Brunavik
Borgarfjordur - Breidavik (Gagnheidi)
Borgarfjordur - Brunavik - Breidavik
Borgarfjordur - Breidavik - Husavik
Borgarfjordur - Lodmundarfjordur
Borgarfjordur - Lodmundarfjordur 2
Urdarholar - Viknaheidi
Holaland - Bakkagerdi - Storurd
Vatnsskard - Storurd
Unaos - Stapavik - Njardvik
Geitavik - Hrafnatindur - Bakkagerdi
Lodmundarfjordur - Seydisfjordur

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Whereever you decide to hike in Iceland, and regardless of the length of the trails, you can in most cases wander off the trodden path and make detours to enjoy and experience more.  Each mountain is a challenge.  The mountain huts are ideal centres for such detours, i.e. spending some time there to explore the surrounding areas more thoroughly.

Following is a description of all known, marked trails in the area, and some unmarked as well.

The estimated hiking time is based on comfortable tempo (2,5-4 kilometres per hour), but it always depends on how much time is spent for stops enroute.

Please, always respect nature, be careful, and do not disturb grazing animals unneccesarily.  Remember to stick as much as possible to the trodden paths.

A word of advice!  Only leave your footprints behind, and only take your memories with you!  Top of page.

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