Narssaq Greenland,
Flag of Greenland




Narssaq is a village on the Eirik’s Bay, where the Royal Danish Trading Company established its centre for seal hunting in 1880.  Fishing started there in 1914, an abattoir was built there in 1946, and canning of prawns started in 1950.  The first freezing plant for fish products was built in 1959.  Narssaq is the main centre of trade in this part of the country.  It is a modern village with electricity, running water the whole year round, a cinema, fire brigade, the best selection of goods, health care centre, a clergyman, two schools, printing works, a kindergarten and a police station.  Five kilometres from the village uranium was discovered and processed for several years in the seventies.

On the granite cliffs, west of the village, kayaks, made the same way they were made in the Stone Age, can be seen.  Dangerous icebergs, reflecting the sunlight, sail along the coastline.  The Greenlanders now live in similar houses as people in other civilized parts of the world, and in Narssaq up to five storeys high apartment houses have been built.

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