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Region: Reykjanes
Coordinates: 63.9345° N 22.6879° W
Weather: -0.4°C, Wind ESE at 3 km/h, 93% Humidity
Population: 109

Hafnir is a fishing hamlet, which was united with two other communities, Keflavik and Njardvik, and the new community is called Reykjanesbaer. In 1881 (June 26), a timber freighter, The Jamestown, ran aground near Hafnir without a soul on board. The ship’s anchor is preserved outside the former Aquarium. Many people, who were building dwellings at the time, bought the wood.

Just south of Hafnir is a highly interesting bird cliff, Hafnaberg, and a marked hiking trail along the coast from Hafnir. From Hafnarberg people sometimes spot small whales feeding off the coast.

Photo Credit: Matt Riggott

in Hafnir