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Hiking in the Capital Region

Region: Reykjavik Area
Coordinates: 64.25° N 21.633333° W
Hiking time: Various
Difficulty: easy
Length: Various km
Elevation: Various m
Highest Point: Various m

There are plenty of hiking trails around Reykjavik, the most popular ones being Mt Esja Hiking Trail, Burfell Trail, Videy Island, Heidmork, Ellidaar Valley, Lake Ellidavatn, Oskjuhlid and Raudholar.

Popular Hiking Routes Around Reykjavik

Heidmork Hike

Burfell Trail

Videy Hike

Oskjuhlid Hike

Ellidaardalur Hike

Raudholar Hike

Mt. Esja Hike

Mt. Hengill Area Hike

Photo Credit: Visit Reykjavik

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