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Holaskjol Mountain Hut

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 63.9077545° N 18.6048317° W

Holaskjol, sheltered by Mounds Lambaskardsholar, offers mountain hut accommodation in a beautiful location just off the Landmanna Route, near the rivers Sydri Ofaera and Skafta and the magnificent fissure Eldgja. It is and excellent spot for a further exploration of the area on foot.

Gps coordinates: 63° 54,459’N, 18° 36,259’W

Hólaskjól campsite– Evening stroll with the park ranger.

Daily at 20.30. The park ranger walks with guests for 30-60 minutes, talking about the nature and history of the area, and suggesting travel options for the following day. Starting at 20.30 at the campsite. Duration 30-60 minutes.
Information from Vatnajokull National Park.

A few hours walk from Holaskjol is Skaelingar Hut, Utivist Touring Association
None bus schedule is available to Holasjol 2019

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