Hrisey Island

Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 66.0033206° N 18.4548615° W
Weather: °C, Wind at km/h, % Humidity
Population: 172

About Hrisey

Hrisey is the second largest island of the country, situated on the longest bay, Eyjafiordur. A small village is on its southernmost part and life there centres around fishing and fish processing. Marked hiking trails lead you around the island and it is an experience in itself to watch the outstanding bird life andenjoy the midnight sun duringbright summer nights. The island is known for its renowned Galloway-, Limousine and Aberdeen Angus beef from a local breeding station and quite many people visit the island to taste these fine products at the local restaurants. The reforestation is ongoing.

The island is a bird sanctuary and experiments are in progress to further the breeding of eider fowl, but its down is of the highest quality.

An island worth visiting!

Photo Credit: Visit North Iceland

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