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Goose.gif (23205 bytes)Although Iceland may be more famous for its fishing than for hunting opportunities, there is more here for the international sportsman than just salmon and trout. We also have geese, ptarmigans, ducks, cormorants, shags, guillemots, and many other species of birds. It is even possible to connect with locals for a day or two of reindeer hunting, another way to get into direct contact with the nature of this amazing island. Hunting permits are easily arranged and hunters may also import their own firearms.
Hunters can now arrange their own vacations by searching our sport and hunting website, choosing the options which are most interesting to them and ordering directly.
We carefully select and screen the accommodations and a keeper is always available to help organize each day’s shooting and to give you hints and practical advice. Is there anything to wait for?
Foreigners who wish to hunt in Iceland should obtain a short-term gun license from the Icelandic Police. To do so, you must present a hunting license valid in your country of citizenship. Contact
NAT.IS for further information.

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