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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.5515° N 19.4350° W

This river is located just east of the hamlet Varmahlid in the Skagafiord District and crossed by road no. 1 in its vicinity. Three rods are permitted per day and the catch consists of large brown trout, arctic char and sea trout ccasionally salmon is caught as well. The trout and char area is 12 km long, from the aforementioned hamlet to the confluence in the north. Two rods are permitted in the salmon area of the river, in a typical season the will see 150 to 200 salmon. The Skagafiord District is among the most renowned Saga areas of the country, where many of the most fateful events of the power struggle and battles of the 12th century took place. It does not matter where the anglers look, everywhere around them one historic site or another or beautiful mountains and fertile agricultural areas meet the eye. See fishing Statistics.

The distance from the capital is about 296 km by the Whale Bay tunnel.