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Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.1689° N 18.7064° W

Lakes Fossvotn, Lake Skalavatn, Lake Langavatn and other lakes connected to it by river Vatnakvisl were the main fishing lakes in the past. The original Ice Age Brown Trout” is still to be found in Lakes Fossvotn and it has been supported with breeding. Natural breeding takes place in the Fossa river, Lake Kerlingarlogn and possibly at Hrofid in a small brook in the Foss-Lava field. Mixed sizes of fish occupy the so-called Sildarplan area” of the lake (1,5 – 5 pounders) and smaller (1,5 – 3 pounders) at the discharge in Lake Small-Fossvatn. Bigger fishes (3 – 9 pounders) and fewer occupy the Batsvik (Boat Cove). They are most likely to bite in the evening during the latter part of summer. The Haustvik (Autumn Cove) in Lake Small-Fossvatn and the Hauststodull (Autumn Stop) are also occupied by larger fishes, which bite more eagerly at dusk. The windward banks of the larger lake are recommended for fishing. The natural food of the fishes is varied, flies, chrysalides, worms, conches, sticklebacks etc. Lake char has not yet entered these lakes, probably because of the natural barrier of the waterfall of the discharge of the smaller lake into the river Vatnakvisl.
Lake Stora-Fossvatn is situated at 575.2 m above sea level, its area is 0,85 km², the greatest depth 15,5 m, the volume 5,7 Gl, the average depth 6,7 m, the length 1,3 km and width 1,0 km.
Lake Litla-Fossvatn is situated at 572,5 m above sea level, its area is 0,12 km², the greatest depth 18 m, the volume 0,7 Gl, the average depth 6,2 m, the length 0,5 km and width 0,3 km.  The best fishing spots: Eyrin, Botninn, Batseyri, Hofdinn, Midholan, Plansendi, Utfallid, Nosin, Haustvik and Hauststodull.