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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.7433615° N 19.1538716° W

The Llaufskalarett sheep and horse fold in valley Hjaltadalur counts among the most popular such in the country. Annually thousands of visitors gather there after the horse round up at the end of September, from the friday evening dance in the Svadastadir riding hall to the end of the activities during the weekend.

On saturday morning the horses are driven from the night pastures in valley Kolbeinsdalur into the fold. After the sorting, the participants continue celebrating and dancing.

The summer pastures of valley Kolbeinsdalur have been used for horses during the historical times, and according to the legend, a sheep and horse fold existed in the hollow between the valleys Kolbeinsdalur and Hjaltadalur. Another stone fold was built at the foot of Mt Heljarfjall. It contained a large common central area surrounded by 15 compartments. A wooden fold with 22 compartments was erected during the summer of 1929. A concrete fold was built in 1954, and inaugurated on September 20th.

Other interesting horse folds with activities from the middle of September to the beginning of October annually occur in the following places:
Midfjardarett in Midfjordur of county West Hunavatnssysla,
Skardarett in Gonguskord of county Skagafjordur,
Stadarrett of county Skagafjordur,
Skrapatungurett of county East Hunavatnssysla,
Silfrastadarett in Blonduhlid of county Skagafjordur,
Hlidarett near Bolstadahlid of county East Hunavatnssysla,
Deildardalsrett of county Skagafjordur,
Arholarett in valley Unadalur of county Skagafjordur,
Audkulurett on lake Svinavatn of county East Hunavatnssysla
Laufskalarett in valley Hjaltadalur of county Skagafjordur,
Undirfellsrett in valley Vatnsdalur of county East Hunavatnssysla,
Tverarrett in Vesturhop of county West Hunavatnssysla,
Tungurett in valley Svarfadardalur of county Eyjafjordur,
Flokadalsrett in Fljot of county Skagafjordur,
Vididalstungurett in valley Vididalur of county West Hunavatnssysla,
Tverarrett ytri of county Eyjafjardarsveit,
Melgerdismelarett of county Eyjafjardarsveit.

Sources: Web site and Birgir Haraldsson.