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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.683° N 17.643272° W

Lake Ljosavatn has an area of 3,2 km². Its greatest depth is 35 m and it is situated 105 m above sea level. It is connected with lake Litlu-Tjarnarvatn and its discharge is river Djupa, which tributes to the glacial river Skjalfandafljot.

The catch consists of lake char (½-1 pounders) and brown trout. Salmon fries have been released into the discharge. Road no. 1 passes the lake and a byroad lies around it.

Fishing CardFishing card
Daily Opening Hours: No limits.
Season: May 20. to September 30th.
Bait: All bait is allowed: Fly, worm and lure.
Sigurður Birgisson and Hulda Svanbergsdottir, Kross Tel: (+354) 464-3248, (+354)894-9574 or (+354)868-1975.
Helgi Ingason, Vatnsendi Tel: (+354) 464-3249 or (+354)692-8125

The distance from the capital is 434 km by the Whale Bay tunnel, 32 km from Akureyri and 63 km

Icelandic SagasLjosavatn saga

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