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The tracks leading to the lakes in those moorland areas start from several valleys in northern Iceland, such as the valleys Vatnsdalur, Blondudalur and Svartardalur in the Huna District and Maelifellsdalur and Vesturdalur in the Skagafjord District. The routes 751 and 752 through the valley Vatnsdalur turn into a 4wd track, which continues across an area called Storisandur and connects with the Kjolur route through the Audkulu Heath. That route (731, 732 and F37) lies through the valley Blondudalur and is easily passable by all cars. If you continue south and are headed for the Eyvindarstada Heath, you must turn onto a 4wd track some distance north of a hill called Geirsalda. On that track you would have to ford the glacial rivers Blanda and Strangakvisl and smaller brooks. These routes and tracks are slow in many places and they pass several mountain huts (mainly used and owned by the farmers, who graze their sheep up there). Most of those, who have  enjoyed travelling through and spending some time by the lakes of those relatively well vegetated heaths, have wanted to come back time and again. The main route from road no 1 up there (751, 752 and F72) is a 4wd track and lies through the valley Vesturdalur to the lakes Asbjarnarvotn and the tourist hut by Mt. Laugafell.

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