Lake Ellidavatn,

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Lake Ellidavatn is among the many lakes within the capital area. Its surface lies about 74 m above sea level and it has an area of 1,8 km². Two rivers enter it, Bugda and Holmsa, and offer an nice catch of brown trout and lake char of 1-2 pounds. A few 3-7 pounders,  brown trout, are caught every season and some salmons as well.  Experienced fly anglers can expect good results. Spinners are not recommended in certain parts of the lake and in some parts sinkers are used to keep the bait lying on the bottom. Its discharge is the 5 km long Ellidaar river, frequently among the ten best salmon rivers of the country.

Daily opening hours: 0700-24:00
Season: April 21st to September 15th.
Bait: All bait is allowed: Fly, worm and lure.
In river Holmsa is only allowed fly fishing.


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