Lake Eyrarvatn, Lake Thorisvatn, Lake Geitabergsvatn,
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Since those three lakes lie in a line along road 50 and 520 and are connected with short rivers, it is ideal to describe them under one headline. The fishing licenses are, however, sold separately for each lake. Their total area is 3,12 km² and all of them are located 77 m above sea level. Their depths are between 12 and 24 m. The WMCA summer camp is located on lake Eyrarvatn in the Vatnaskogur (Lake Forrest).

The catch consists of brown trout, lake char and sea char. The char usually weighs 1-3 pounds and often 5-12 pound brown trout are landed, especially from the lakes Thorisstadavatn and Geitabergsvatn. The river connecting the two is called Thvera and between the former and lake Eyrarvatn is river Selos.

In good years quite a few salmons enter the lakes and the chance of catching them in those short rivers is reasonably good.
The distance from the capital is about 75 km (somewhat shorter by the Whale Bay tunnel).

Fishing potential:
There is a good prospect for brown trout and char fishing. Occasional salmon are cought there though every year.

Daily opening hours:
Fishing is allowed from 7 am to 11 pm. After 20th of August fishing is only allowed until 9 pm in the evening.

The fishing season is from 1st of April until 25th of September.

Fly, worm and lure/spinners is allowed in the lakes.


Very good access is to the lakes, especially Þórisstaðavatn and Eyrarvatn.  Those two are very convenient for families with small children.   


Fishing is forbidden in the rivers, Þverá and Selós. All traffic close to the rivers is forbidden.  Cardholders must sign in at farm Þórisstaðir and show the Fishing Card and appropriate ID. Children under 14 years are allowed for free, if accompanied by adult cardholder.

Contact / landlord:

Elvar Grétarson at farm Þórisstaðir, tel: 691-2272. email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - 
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