Lake Fellsendavatn,

Interior Lake Fishing

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Fellsendavatn is a small lake in the proximity of lake Thorisvatn.  It is prolific and the catch consists of 2-6 pounders.  The lake is not fished by many anglers.  It is accessible by a track from the main road to Lakes Veidivotn.  Its surroundings are almost devoid of vegetation and do not offer many possibilities for pitching a tent.  Camper trailers can be located anywhere near the lake.
Angling permits Tel.: 897-3064

GPS co-ordinates: 64°11.090N W 18°59.630W.
Elevation 540 m
above sea level.

Bait: All bait is allowed: fly, worm and lure.

Contact / Landlord:

Tel.: 897-3064


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