Fögruhlíðará, Fögruhlíðarós,
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Skilið veiðiskýrslum

Jokla river system




The main river, Jökla, is a former huge muddy glacial river that has been dammed in the interior. A huge lagoon cleans up a lot of the silt and the essence of the Jökla has been transferred underground to the next valley for use by a hydro-electric dam.
We are developing the 100+ km of the Jökla downstream of the dam as a salmon river. For most of the summer the river runs clear, beautiful and is full of likely looking pools. There is a natural stock of salmon in the river and smolts bred from the native stock are being released into it’s important tributaries, Laxá, Fossá and Kaldá, to boost the natural populations there. We’ve also been planting out fry and parr on the main river and its upper tributaries. 
This river system is fished with six rodsat any given time and so each angler has plenty of fishing space to himself. The system offers anglers varied situations and conditions and each river has a character of its own. The main river Jokla is bigger and in most parts faster then it‘s tributaries and is for the most part best fished with a double handed rod although fish have even been caught on single handed rods using the hitch method of fishing. The Laxa is smaller, shorter and warmer and offers some fantastic pools. The Fossa is even shorter and smaller but still offers great fishing and some great opportunities for sight fishing.
The Fögruhlíðará, is an interesting stream which runs parallel to the Jokla in the lower part of the valley. It flows separately into the Atlantic just north of Jökla’s estuary. The Fögruhlíðará is best known for its outstanding sea-run char fishing. This river has a small run of Atlantic salmon which is also being improved by smolt releasing.
Guests stay at our camp overlooking the Kaldá which comprises twin-bedded en-suite cabins set adjacent to the main building which houses the dining room, kithchen and drying room. After 20 August goose shooting can be included in the Jökla package, and we have some very good shooting areas available close by.
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