River Ranga East,
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A large volume river fished with a lot of rods. It is both spring and glacier fed so the colour of the water is determined by the weather. Still, while bad muddy days do occur, the river is usually fishable even when the temperatures are high and the glacier mud more dominating. The East Ranga produced some 2.700 Salmon in 1998 placing it top of the list of Icelandic rivers.  While the runs were at their strongest, the fishing was phenomenal with some beats giving up to 40 salmon in a single day on two rods. This river, like the Thvera and the West Ranga, is totally dependant on a massive smolt releasing program. It is so successful, that even when returns have been poor, the river has been full of fish and the fishing first class.  The distance from the capital is about 100 km
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