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Urriði hrygna hængur Brown trout Oxara Lake Thingvallavatn Copyright Laxfiskar


Lake Thingvellir Iceland
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Lake Thingvallavatn is the largest „natural” lake of the country with an area of 83,7 km². Its greatest depth is 114 m and it reaches 13 m below sea level. The greatest length of the lake is 14,5 km and width 9,5 km. Sog, its discharge, is a 19 km long salmon river Olfusa, which tributes to the country's largest glacial river. The average flow of the Sog river is 108 m³/sec. The lake's catchment area is 90% underground and the water from the thousands of cold springs has a constant temperature of 3-4°C the whole year round. The anglers, who use boats for their fishing, have to be careful and watch out for changes in the weather. The lake becomes a boiling pot, when the wind starts blowing.

The catch in the lake has always been a necessary part for the survival of the farming families on the lake.

Fishing card for:

Thingvallavatn fishing site
Northern part of Thingvallavatn in land of the Parliamentary Plains
Fishing hours: No restrictions

Fishing hours

No restrictions

Fishing season

From 20th of April to 31st of May then there is only flyfishing allowed and all brown trout released.  After that, from 1st of June to 15th of September, you may fish with fly, lure and worm. 
We like to stress, that all fishing is prohibited in Ólafsdráttur between July 1st and August 31st.


Only fly, worm and lure.   All other bait and synthetics is strightly forbidden. PLEASE NOTE FLY FISHING PERIOD FROM 20TH OF APRIL UNTIL 31ST OF MAY.

Best fishing time

The brown trout is most visible during the evening. The char is no respecter of seasons or times of day.  Please keep in mind that brown trouts bigger than 5 pounds are not recommended for consuming because of high volume of mercury (*hg) (quicksilver) so we recommed catch and release for the big brown trouts.

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