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Veidivotn Huts

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Fishing Permits

This part of the country is among the youngest (1477) and wildest pearls of the central highlands. It comprises about 50 lakes of different sizes, most of which are so-called crater lakes. The area is about 20 km long and 5 km wide and has a southwest - northeast direction. The craters and the lakes lie in two rows. You have to ford the small river between the two Fossvotn lakes to get into the area. Most of the lakes are fed and discharged underground because the lava fields and the scoria are very permeable. The northeasternmost lakes are called Hraunvotn. On some of the lakes are small and sensitive but beautiful vegetated oasis. Brown trout is caught in 20-30 of those lakes, mostly 2-6 pounders, but sometimes people catch up to 10 pounders.

After the release of lake char elsewhere in the lake area, it keeps popping up all over and the char catch is increasing. The owners of the fishing rights in the lakes net them regularly every autumn at the end of the fishing season.


Lake Langisjor
(south of river Tungnaa)

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