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North Sailing is a leading company in tourism and Icelandic coastal culture and was the first company in Iceland to organise and offer regular whale watching tours. We offer a variety of sea tours, day tours as well as overnight tours, where whale, bird and nature watching play an important role. Our 3-4 hrs tours from Husavik harbour are called Húsavík Original Whale Watching, Whales, Puffins and Sails and Whales and Sails . We also offer two different overnight tours to Grímsey island: Edge of the Arctic and Edge of the Arctic and Siglufjörđur. Our most exclusive tour is a one week adventure expedition called Experience Greenland  on board schooner Hildur, along the biggest fjord system in the world, Scoresby Sund in east Greenland. With the focus on whale watching we have branched out and added Whale Watching from the village of Ólafsfjörđur, which is situated in the Tröllaskagi peninsula, and in winter 2012 we started to offer whale watching from Akureyri. We also run Restaurant Gamli Baukur and Café Skuld situated in the harbour area in Husavik. North Sailing is a proud owner of six traditional oak boats which are environmentally friendly and moreover preserve national heritage that otherwise would be lost. Our schooners, Hildur & Haukur are descendants of the first decked sailing vessels in north Iceland in the 19th century and are now the only active vessels of its kind along Icelandic shores. North Sailing aims to enable travellers to experience the marvellous nature at the edge of the arctic for times to come.

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North Sailing • 640 Húsavík • Tel: (+354) 464 7272 •  info@northsailing.is www.northsailing.is

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