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Whales in Icelandic waters




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Puffin island Reykjavik

map1.GIF (27232 bytes)The cool, clear North Atlantic encircling Iceland is teeming with many species and sizes of whales. Thousands of tourists enjoy whale watching from various sites around the country. The whale watching port in the North is Husavik. Whale watching is also available from the Reykjavik harbour. Whales are all around the coastline and, although whale watching in Iceland is growing in popularity, it is still far from being overly commercial. It is still an exclusive pastime and mostly done from small craft. The locations are not crowded and the small group sizes means that these locations are not swarming with tourists. There are typically no other boats except those of local fishermen. Also, besides sighting the majestic whales, guests are treated to a variety of sea birds and seals. Weather permitting, you  may also catch a glimpse of the Midnight Sun!

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