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Checklist for Hikers

Many tourists in Iceland travel on foot Some shuffle off to the pool, others... more


Other bus schedule connections are available, such as the Kjolur Interior, the... more

The Myth of Holy Grail on Kjolur Route?

In 2004, a team of Italian researchers began an excavation in Iceland searching... more

Vatnajokull National Park

Vatnajokull National Park is Europe's larges National Park after merging of... more

West Iceland

West Iceland is linked to both the Southwest and North of Iceland via the ring... more

Gaesavotn Route

About Gaesavotn Route (F-910) This route is one of the most interesting and... more

Fjallabak Sydra Route

The Fjallabak sydra (south) or middle route lies from the west to east just... more

Sprengisandur Route

About Sprengisandur Route This part of the interior, the so-called... more

Mt. Askja – Dyngjufjoll

The Odadahraun lava desert This is the vastest lava area of the country The... more

Keflavik International Airport

  About Keflavík International Airport Keflavik International Airport... more


About Stadarskali Stadarskali is a larger service centre, N1 petrol station, a... more